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August 2017

Apartment VS House: Which Is The Best Home For You?

More often than not, the decision to live in an apartment or a house is out of our hands; apartments are usually cheaper to rent than houses, so our budget makes the decision for us. When you get to the point where you might be able to afford a down payment on your first home, a house seems more appealing because it’s spacious, there’s room for a family, and it’s

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Stop Working In The Trenches: Free Yourself Up For Higher-Value Tasks

  Workers, freelancers, and solopreneurs have an incredible opportunity to escape the mundane aspects of their work and focus on the stuff that really interests them and matters. But the reality is that most people are still working in the trenches, spending an enormous amount of their time doing things which could quite easily be done by machine or passed on to somebody else. Why is this?   Experts call

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Helpful Tips When Going To College

Making the transition from high school to college can be tricky for some, how you performed at school does not automatically apply during your college years. Good grades may have come to you naturally at school, with college you must earn them. However there are more tips to getting the most out of your college time. Learn handy tips so you can still have the best experience, easing the stress

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Avoid Being Exploited by Your Employer

Pixabay   Work is hardly the most fun thing on the planet even if your boss is the best boss in the world. Regardless of how little we may hate our jobs (which is certainly a more apt way of putting it for most people), the fact is that we perform our duties primarily for one thing: money. The statistics have shown that very few people have any real passion

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