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January 2018

Are you a Single Mum Trying to Make Ends Meet? Here’s How Credit Card Can Help

It can be tough, trying to juggle several jobs and raise children at the same time, all on your own. More so when the income you make is barely enough to get you by. Don’t fret, you can make money by saving money. You may have heard about how credit cards can deplete your funds if they are not managed properly. Well, did you know you can turn the tables

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Cost-effective Ways to Grow Your Business

Growing a business takes time, effort and usually, money. While bigger businesses can afford to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising and hire the best people to help them, for new startups or smaller businesses, it’s not always this simple. As much as you know that you need to spend money to make money, it’s easier said than done when your income is low, and you’ve started with nothing.

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Is Your SEO Letting You Down?

There’s no denying that we live in a world where the internet is the number one place to reach out to customers and audience members for any business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running; you need to be online if you want to find the right number of customers. The sheer prominence of online video in the last couple of decades demonstrates that beyond a shadow of

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Things To Consider Before You Do Up That New Old Home

Buying a new house that’s an old house to be redesigned is an exciting venture. Choosing to buy a house that needs extensive redecoration and rebuilding is a project that even the most enthusiastic property developer can struggle with. However, it’s a project that can reap epic rewards at the end, and not just financial ones. The sheer satisfaction you feel when you know that you have completed your project

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Giving More Back To Your Employees

If you’re a boss, chances are you get on with your employees, you laugh with them, and you’re understanding when they have problems that interfere with their work. Even with all these considerations on your side, is there more you could be doing to support them? Employees are often considered the pump behind the heart of the business, a title so often passed to customers in lieu of making them

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Does Business Insurance Cover Embezzlement?

When business owners rank the risks they face, they rarely put embezzlement close to the top of the list. But just because embezzlement is not one of the most common concerns does not mean it’s not consequential. According to Entrepreneur, 30 percent of embezzlement crimes end up costing companies upwards of $500,000. And those damages are not limited to the largest companies. Up to 80 percent of all embezzlement happens

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Preparing for Unexpected Business Costs

We can all prepare for the likes of rental fees and employee wages, but when it comes to unexpected costs, the challenge is greater. After all, how do you prepare for something you’re not anticipating? Well, that is the art of a good business owner: someone who can anticipate the risks they face and put measures in place to ensure they are prepared. One of these measures involves setting aside

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Learn More To Earn More

In today’s world, we could all benefit from earning more money; and nowadays most people are seek an additional income, often in the form of an extra job, as this is easier than finding ways to increase their hourly rate of pay.  However, life is for living – not just slaving away at a job, or business, for that matter. This article looks at two simple universal principles that can

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Will These Business Decisions Set You Apart From The Rest?

When it comes to your business, you know that you’re going to have a lot of decisions to make over the course of its life. This isn’t really anything new, nor is it all that challenging. As time goes by, you’ll start to learn what decisions are going to work out best for your business’s interests, and which ideas are always best passed over. But sometimes, you’re not always going

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How You Can Give Back To Your Parents

Your parents are the sole reason that you’re in the world, and more than likely the reason that you’re the person you are today. Parents do so much for their children. Not only are they parents, they are maids, cooks, best friends, banks, taxis and much more. However, when you become an adult and able to look after yourself you will begin to notice that your parents might need more

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