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October 2018

6 Ways To Keep Your Business Appealing To Customers

As a business, keeping your customers interested in your company is going to be an ongoing struggle. You might find that members of your competition are able to offer things that your company can’t afford to do right now. Even if this is the case, there are some things that you can do to keep your business appealing to your customers. You just need to know what your clients are

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Everything you need to know about selling your business

Are you considering selling your business? This can be a hugely stressful time, but luckily BCMS has released a hugely helpful infographic to help you out. Here are some top tips to make sure the whole process goes smoothly: Take your time Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start prepping early. You’ll need to dedicate a massive amount of time and energy

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The Risks Of International Trade From Truck To Market

How do you become the next H&M, Apple or Starbucks? It’s ultimately the question that many new entrepreneurs face when they want to satisfy their ambition. Making it big onto the market – and therefore going global – is tricky. The challenges you’ll have to confront are multiple, from understanding how to best organize truck shipping to sorting out your approach with a brand new audience. But ultimately, there are

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Getting to Know Your Competition

There are two ways to view competitors. In many cases, people tend to see contenders for market share in their spaces as enemies. While it’s true you will vie with them for the attention of shoppers, you can also learn a great deal from them. In other words, they can also be inspiration, as well as potential partners. Whether you’re selling ebooks, cosmetics, electronics or furniture online, getting to know

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Are Driving Jobs On The Rise? With Flexibility Is It A Possible Career Choice For You

Many people are now looking to find employment where there is much more flexibility in terms of the hours they work and how much money they can earn. The usual nine to five sometimes doesn’t work well for families, and with fixed incomes, it may not even be worthwhile to continue down that path. Driving, as a job, be that as a long distance truck driver or local deliveries, could

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Financially Preparing for the Worst

While we generally prefer to keep things positive and lighthearted, it is important that we acknowledge that life doesn’t always pan out exactly as we want it to. Sometimes it can take twists and turns that we didn’t anticipate, and we can be left feeling worse for wear. Now, you can’t really control when you will be negatively affected in your life, and sometimes there’s nothing that you can do

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How to Liven Up a Dreary Property Ready for Sale

Transforming a house from worn to wonderful is something that you truly enjoy doing. Livening up all of the different rooms in order to boost its value can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. Whether you’re sprucing up an inherited property or you’re hoping to revamp your own home to put it on the market, you can approach this project from a variety of different angles. You might be hoping

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How To Deal With Your Money Wisely

There are so many decisions that you will be faced with when it comes to your money, and the more options that you’re made aware of – the better, as you never know when they will come in handy one day. As much as we may not want to admit it – the world revolves around money, and you either accept that, or spend a miserable life trying to fight

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6 Things To Remember If You’re Going To Land Your Dream Job

So, you have an idea in your head of your dream job; a place you really want to get to that will make you feel accomplished and fulfilled like no other. However, there are a few things you should remember if you’re going to land your dream job over the competition; read on for 6 things to bear in mind! Your CV And Cover Letter Will Get You In The

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