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December 2018

5 Powerful Benefits of Using CPC Adertising For Your Business

There are many convincing reasons for using CPC advertising for a small business. Whether you’re trying to convince your boss or one of your clients about the value that Google Ads, Bing Ads or Walmart Performance Ads can bring, there’s a compelling case to be made. In this article, we are going to explore some of these benefits. 1) It is measurable and trackable – sometimes in real time. One

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Could Purchasing A Holiday Home Save You Money?

When funds are tight, often the first things to go are luxuries, such as vacations. The fact is that it’s not easy making ends meet sometimes, and when you’re in that position you realize that you have to cut out those unnecessary luxuries, and sadly, travel is often the first thing to go. Of course, there are ways around having to cut travel out of your life when you’re on

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How to Choose Your Trading Platform

To the inexperienced and the uninitiated, the complex mechanisms of the foreign exchange can seem almost indecipherable. It’s easy to believe that the markets move according to the whims of fate, as opposed to being driven by a thousand external real-world factors, but the latter is indeed true. This absence of luck can feel daunting, because we all need a helping hand from time to time, but in fact, it’s

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Is The Season Draining Your Christmas Budget?

As we reach the mid-point of December, most of us have our sights set on one goal… Surviving Christmas! Regardless of faith, Christmas can be the best time of the year. A time of togetherness, friends, family, good food, fine wine, love and celebration… Unfortunately the most wonderful time of the year can also be pretty terrible for some of us. It can be a time of financial ruin, debt,

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Prepare to Make More Money: Here’s How

If you have a feeling that you were meant to live a life of luxury and the life you’re living right now just doesn’t match up to that expectation, you should do something about it. Putting all of your hopes on winning the lottery or praying that real Nigerian prince will email you with an offer that you can’t refuse is rarely the most proactive way to go about it.

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Bored of Being Broke? Five Financial Resolutions to Make for 2019

Bored of being broke? It’s frustrating living payday to payday, constantly running out, catching up and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Does it feels like you’re chasing your tail with money- and are you looking to turn a new financial leaf in 2019? Here are some worthwhile resolutions to make, that will make life easier and your budget healthier. Get out of debt Being in debt is expensive. You never

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Can You Hold Day Trading Positions Overnight?

If you’re a day trader, or you’re thinking about learning how to day trade, then you may be wondering what you need to do to become more successful in the day-to-day management of currencies, stocks, and futures throughout the trading season. Within the day trading environment, investors typically close all of their positions before the market they choose to invest in closes. However, some people may debate holding onto a

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Can You Get Your Customers Falling In Love At First Sight Of Your Company?

We’ve all spent a fair amount of our lives dreaming that we would fall in love at first sight. What could be better than feeling that instant connection? People who have experienced it claim that it feels like meeting your missing half. Others insist that the lover in question was practically glowing. Either way, the consensus seems to be that you know when you know. That’s a lesson which is

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Car trends-External Car airbag

It is 2018 and every one has a car or wants to get a car. That means that is a lot of traffic in the roads. The roads were already crowded as it was but well that will not stop us from buying more cars. Anyways, that is not the core of the matter today. We are more concerned about the safety of the passengers inside the car. That is

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Why Investing In Stocks Is So Interesting

Every working day at the stroke of nine o’clock in the morning, the bells rings in the stock exchanges of the world and trading commences. Millions of people around the world watch the stocks of various companies go up and down, and they make moves based on that. Investors and businesses that are involved in different projects will be taking notice of what the reasons are for these changes. If

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