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Are You Ready for a Mortgage?

Buying your first home usually means getting a mortgage. But are you ready for that responsibility? Not everyone is, and there are definitely some things that you should ask yourself before you decide that you are going to get a mortgage and commit to all that entails. Read on to learn more about the kinds of issues you should be giving thought to if you’re thinking of getting a mortgage

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Health IQ – Mortgage Insurance Vs Life Insurance

Buying a home is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams for couples looking to start a family or put down roots in a neighborhood they want to call home. It’s also the most expensive purchase they’ll make in their lifetime. And the mortgage needs to be paid every month if the couple wants to maintain the roof over their head. In turn, this creates a unique stress in the

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Is It Too Late For You To Get A Mortgage?

  Image source There is no ideal age to get a mortgage. Everyone has to choose what is best for them in accordance with the lifestyle choices that they have made and their financial situation. If you spent your twenties traveling the world earning just enough to live on as you went, this was clearly not the right time for you to get a mortgage! However, if you were settled

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Gunning For A Mortgage? Increase Your Credit Rating!

Getting a mortgage is a big deal but not just anyone can have one. There is a stringent checking and vetting process and they need to know you have handled your money well in the past. The check on your credit is a part of the process as they need to see that you have the credit available and that you can properly manage it. As such, it is wise

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Is Your Current Budget Right For Real Estate?

When we think about owning our own home, we think of getting cozy in front of fireplace we paid for, truly revelling in our hard grafting up until this point. Whilst this is an idealistic view, it does hit the nail on the head for the amount of expectations you’re going to have to fulfil in order to become that relaxed! If you’re a first time home buyer, you’re going

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Your Financial Windfall: A Step-By-Step Management Guide

PublicDomainPictures // pixabay Most of us dream of the day when we might receive a financial windfall. We think how wonderful it will be; how freeing; how we could pay off all our debts and focus on the future without money being a concern. Then it happens… and you realize that, actually, dealing with a windfall is incredibly stressful. Okay, so it’s a good type of stress. It’s the type

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Construction Companies: Demolish Your Overspending

A construction company certainly isn’t the cheapest business to run. If you want to keep your overheads low, it’s often best to consider something else. You might need to hire or even buy expensive equipment, and you often need a strong team of people to complete a project. Sometimes there might be permits to secure and red tape to cut through, and delays can often result in higher costs. Contractors

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Tips For Reducing Your Bills At Home

Unlike payments like your mortgage, or the repayments on your car, utility bills are something that we will always have to pay for whether we like it or not. There’s no end date where you stop paying for them, and to ensure that our heads are above water we should be taking the necessary steps into making our forever bills more affordable. Here’s some tips on reducing your bills at

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A College Grad’s Ultimate Guide To Financial Matters

If you have recently thrown your mortar board high into the air in celebration and sheer relief at completing your degree and achieving an incredible qualification, you are now well on your way to stumbling into the big wide world on your own two feet. You may have left home a while ago and have been living with friends or in a dorm with fellow students. You might even have

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Leasing vs Buying: Which is Right For You?

There are so many people in the predicament of whether to lease or buy a house or apartment. Many of the older generations have bought their own homes, and younger generations would ideally like to follow in their footsteps. But, younger generations are dealing with higher prices and larger amounts of debt, making the whole process of buying a home much more difficult. So, should young people even bother to

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