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Health IQ – Mortgage Insurance Vs Life Insurance

Buying a home is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams for couples looking to start a family or put down roots in a neighborhood they want to call home. It’s also the most expensive purchase they’ll make in their lifetime. And the mortgage needs to be paid every month if the couple wants to maintain the roof over their head. In turn, this creates a unique stress in the

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Is It Too Late For You To Get A Mortgage?

  Image source There is no ideal age to get a mortgage. Everyone has to choose what is best for them in accordance with the lifestyle choices that they have made and their financial situation. If you spent your twenties traveling the world earning just enough to live on as you went, this was clearly not the right time for you to get a mortgage! However, if you were settled

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Gunning For A Mortgage? Increase Your Credit Rating!

Getting a mortgage is a big deal but not just anyone can have one. There is a stringent checking and vetting process and they need to know you have handled your money well in the past. The check on your credit is a part of the process as they need to see that you have the credit available and that you can properly manage it. As such, it is wise

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Saving For A Downpayment Has Never Been Easier

Flickr   When it comes to saving for a down payment, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that down payments are still incredibly low. Some mortgage companies are offering incredible 3 percent downs, including Fannie and Freddie – the lowest we’ve seen since the financial crisis of 2009. That’s down from the usual 5 percent minimum up until now. But there’s a problem. Even a 3

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Simple Ways To Make Your Money Go Further

It can often feel as though you simply don’t have the money to be able to stay on top of all of the bills and expenses that you have to deal with. This can lead a lot of people to feel that they’re barely keeping their head above water and that they’re moments away from going under. This can cause huge amounts of stress and anxiety for a lot of

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Make Money With Bricks and Mortar: Three Options To Consider

If you’re looking for a smart way to invest your money, then property is a good choice. Bricks and mortar not only holds its value but it increases year on year. Unlike things like vehicles, boats and other large items that will depreciate, property will help you to hold onto and increase your wealth. Whether you just have the one property or are planning on becoming a tycoon, here are

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The Best Way To Deal With Debts

Image Source Debts are a fact of life in the 21st century. Everyone has them, it’s unavoidable and inevitable as they are part of every aspect of life, whether it’s getting a mortgage or using your credit card, you have to pay everything back that you’ve borrowed. This can really beat your finances down, so you’re going to have to learn the best ways to deal with it! But what

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Home Buying Help: Don’t Let Hindsight Fill You With Regret

Image source   Money isn’t the only thing you will need to spend a considerable amount of when it comes to buying your first home. You’ll also need to spend a considerable amount of time researching your purchase and all the little things that come off the back of it.  Ask anyone that has just been through their first house buying experience and they will all wear the same exhausted

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9 Ways to Drastically Cut the Costs of Living

Living costs can be incredibly costly, especially if you’ve been used to living a life that you can’t afford. Fancy dinners with your friends, expensive clothing and wild entertainment are common in the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and far too many people try to emulate that because they want to experience what it’s like to be wealthy. Sadly, living beyond your means has some serious financial implications and

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Coping With A Change In Financial Circumstances

More often than not, when a change in circumstances with your finances occurs, it can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, especially when you have a family. Whether you or your partner has been made redundant, for one reason or another you’ve taken a pay cut, or you’ve separated from your partner and no longer have two income streams coming in, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that

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