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Are You Ready for a Mortgage?

Buying your first home usually means getting a mortgage. But are you ready for that responsibility? Not everyone is, and there are definitely some things that you should ask yourself before you decide that you are going to get a mortgage and commit to all that entails. Read on to learn more about the kinds of issues you should be giving thought to if you’re thinking of getting a mortgage

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Health IQ – Mortgage Insurance Vs Life Insurance

Buying a home is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams for couples looking to start a family or put down roots in a neighborhood they want to call home. It’s also the most expensive purchase they’ll make in their lifetime. And the mortgage needs to be paid every month if the couple wants to maintain the roof over their head. In turn, this creates a unique stress in the

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Is It Too Late For You To Get A Mortgage?

  Image source There is no ideal age to get a mortgage. Everyone has to choose what is best for them in accordance with the lifestyle choices that they have made and their financial situation. If you spent your twenties traveling the world earning just enough to live on as you went, this was clearly not the right time for you to get a mortgage! However, if you were settled

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Gunning For A Mortgage? Increase Your Credit Rating!

Getting a mortgage is a big deal but not just anyone can have one. There is a stringent checking and vetting process and they need to know you have handled your money well in the past. The check on your credit is a part of the process as they need to see that you have the credit available and that you can properly manage it. As such, it is wise

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Financially Preparing for the Worst

While we generally prefer to keep things positive and lighthearted, it is important that we acknowledge that life doesn’t always pan out exactly as we want it to. Sometimes it can take twists and turns that we didn’t anticipate, and we can be left feeling worse for wear. Now, you can’t really control when you will be negatively affected in your life, and sometimes there’s nothing that you can do

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What Are The Best Ways to Improve Your Financial Security?

Financial security is something that just about all of us would like to achieve. It’s not about having lots of money to splash around (even though that would be nice!) It’s about being able to live comfortably. To be able to afford the things you need with a little left over for luxuries, and to generally not have to worry about money. But how can you achieve this? Here are

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Market America Question of the Week: How Much Do You Spend?

One question that might cross your mind when thinking of seizing an Unfranchise business opportunity at Market America is where do you and your neighbors and friends (and relatives) spend money? Even from reputable sources, figures vary. The widely respected website The Motley Fool (well respected despite its name) says, for example, that the average Americans gross income in the United States is $67,564 and that the average federal tax

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Who To Hire When Buying A Home

Buying a home can be a complicated process and there are many stages that may require professional help. Here are some of the people that you may want to hire when purchasing a home and what you can look for in order to get the best talent for the job. Mortgage brokers Mortgage brokers such as Altrua Financial could be worth hiring if you’re struggling to find a mortgage lender

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Brave New Ways To Sell Your Property

If you were to believe real estate agents, then the reason the market is struggling is because of external uncertainties like Trump, Brexit and the fact a nuclear war is right around the corner. But this isn’t the full story. You see, the real reason why real estate agents are finding the market to be a tad slow is that homeowners aren’t using them anymore. Instead, they’re finding entirely new

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Home Is Where The Savings Are: Everyday Changes to Fill Your Wallet

Your house or apartment will often be your biggest investment, and you’ll be steadily paying your mortgage off or rental costs each month. Monthly accommodation costs, even though they’re sometimes expensive, make sense in the scheme of things, as they keep a roof over your head and that of your family’s. However, the aspects of your everyday life at home could be costing you far more than necessary each month.

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