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The Future of Patient Self-Assessment Is Here

Oddly enough, it seems as though the medical community in the UK and throughout Europe seems to be more in tune with the needs of patients who are suffering from chronic conditions that need careful daily monitoring. Medical self-assessment devices are huge in the UK and even the NHS has become active in promoting their use in patient care. Will the United States catch up to what has become a

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Thinking about Buying a Bike? Here’s why you Should

We’ve all done it- driven past that cyclist on the way to work, noticed families on their bikes in the weekend, and heard about a friends new health kick which involves biking everywhere. Most of the time we give a fleeting thought to buying a bike “I should do that”, we tell ourselves, but we never do. While most people know the main benefits of regular cycling, here are some

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Three Tips for Finding Cheaper Healthcare Plans

There are some things in life we can live without, and this is something to look at when it comes to saving money; having said that, there are some things in life it’s just not worth taking the risk to live without, whether you save or not! Healthcare insurance is one of those things, because in many cases, if you were to be taken ill, you may be faced with

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Top Ways To Exercise For Free

Many people out there believe that maintaining their bodies at an optimum health and fitness level comes with great financial costs as well. “I don’t have the money to go to the gym”, “I don’t have enough time to work out”, “I don’t have the physical condition to exercise” – these are among the most commonly encountered excuses people make when it comes to working out. Still, none of them

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5 Health Supplements That Won’t Break the Bank

Health comes above everything else – this is something you can definitely agree with. Yet, sometimes, maintaining your body healthy comes with a huge financial cost. I’m hoping that the Affordable Care Act will make healthcare more affordable for everybody. Anyhow, take a look at the healthiest foods out there, for example, and you will realize that it is quite likely that they are more expensive than unhealthy food. Of

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