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Affording Your Dream Home

Want to make your dream home a reality? Providing your dream home isn’t a palace constructed of gold, there are ways to afford your ideal property on an average wage. Patience is key – good comes to those that wait. Here are just a few strategies… Saving up Your dream home probably isn’t cheap. You can spend years saving up – or you can get creative and invest. Most investments

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Oops! Don’t Make These Costly Errors When It Comes To Sorting Out A Nursery In Your Home

It’s easy to splurge when it comes to sorting out your baby’s nursery. After all, you want the best of the best for your little one. But with all the expenses of pregnancy, and the loss of earnings when you are on maternity leave, you have to be careful with your spending. In fact, here are some costly errors people make when it comes to sorting out a nursery in

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Keep Your Luxury Belongings Safe With These Budget Home Security Tips

You’ve paid a lot for your fancy laptop and expensive jewelry so wouldn’t it be just awful if you were the victim of a burglary and they were stolen from you. Unfortunately, home security is non-negotiable these days. In today’s modern world, we all need to be extra cautious and protect our luxury belongings from potential thieves. Worried that all the necessary home security will end up costing you an

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4 Easy Ways To Make A Playroom More Fun

Do your kids like to spend time in their playroom? Sometimes kids treat the playroom as a giant toy box instead of a play space. They still follow you around the house, but they scatter their belongings everywhere as they go. How can you make the playroom into a place where they’ll want to spend time? Here are four suggestions for making a playroom more fun. Work the Lighting Rooms

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Clean up your home and lighten your load this year

Having a clean and organised home is key if you’re hoping to meet your goals this year. It’s hard to move forward with our lives when we’re surrounded by clutter, especially if you work from home or spend a lot of time chilling in your house. Here are some ways you can clean up your home and lighten your load this year: Spring Clean It doesn’t need to be spring,

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How to inject colour into your kitchen

What colour is your kitchen? Breaking away from the same-old shades of white and cream can be daunting but adding colour into your kitchen is a great way of injecting life into your space — after all, it is the heart of the home. If you’re braving the brights, follow our top tips to ensure you get it right. Start small Want to experiment with colour but don’t want to

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Tricks To Getting The Best Home Insurance

Home is the place where you are at peace, the place where you can rest and relax. It takes a lot of effort in setting up a home, making its safety an absolute must. This is why it is essential for you to get your home insured. It is what comes to your rescue in case of break ins and disasters, natural as well as otherwise. But with so many

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Hygiene Risks In Your Home You May Not Have Considered

We like to think of our homes as the cleanest place possible. Obviously we know that there are going to be neater places than our own rooms. But when you step outside your house, it’s possible to suddenly feel that you need to wash your hands after you touch anything. You shouldn’t forget that your home home may not be the hygienic heaven you think it is. Here are three

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6 of the Most Exclusive Condominiums for Sale in Brickell, Miami

Brickell is Miami and South Florida’s major financial district and one of the largest in the United States. This neighborhood is also one of Miami’s fastest-growing, it boasts of high- rise office towers, prestigious residential buildings, the country’s largest number of international banks, top restaurants, shops, places of entertainment and beautiful parks. This is definitely an extraordinary place to live, let’s take a look to the “Manhattan of the South”

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Contractor life: finding job security in a flexible sector

As we move out of the global financial crisis and the job market continues to get healthier and more active, increasing numbers of people are using this as an opportunity to consider their options with regard to employment. One of the most fundamental decisions anyone in such a situation needs to make is whether to seek employment as a contractor or in a more permanent sense. On the one hand,

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