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Entertainment that will not cost you too much

Have you ever faced a dilemma where you’d like to do something awesome to get rid of the boredom, but instead you found yourself having no money to do anything fun? It has happened to all of us and there is no shame in that. To be completely honest with you guys, it’s actually quite hard to come up with creative ideas of doing something fun without having to spend loads of money by doing it. Most of the super duper fun stuff is expensive! Such as eating in fancy restaurants, booking fabulous holidays, etc.

This list should help you to create unique experiences and entertain yourself without having to spend that much money.


If you want to easy and cheap entertainment, pick a spot to hike on. It’s fairly cost efficient (hiking shoes preferred) and you’ll get two benefits out of it. Firstly, you’ll feel amazing after it’s done because of the physical activities it requires. Second comes from the piece of mind that you’d be able to achieve by climbing up a mountain and just spending maybe even hours to admire the views.


Fishing is an awesome way to relax and unwind. It can be pretty pricey if done incorrectly, so make sure you’re not going to buy all the most expensive gears that they try to sell you. Pick up a rod, few lures and you’re good to go. Pick a calm spot and start fishing. Pro tip: You don’t actually even have to get any fish since being there by the river or by the lake is so calming that you usually don’t even care if you catch any or not!

Playing online games

There’s multiple different games you could be playing online. Videogames, online casinos, you name it. One of the biggest entertainments of our generations is actually gambling online with the help of bonuses. This usually means that you don’t actually have to deposit that much in order to even double up your initial investment. If that’s not cheap entertainment, we don’t know what is! If you want to explore this even further, please check where you can see multiple different online casinos and their bonuses. Pick your favourite and have a time of your life!


Writing is a good way to spend some time and it’s one of the cheapest thing you can do. It’s productive as well! You never know what writing your thoughts and stories might take you. Best case scenario is that it can even bring new business opportunities to you. However, you should pursue writing not because of the money, but because the self studying and productivity it brings to our lives. If you don’t own a laptop, you can just go to an internet-cafe, buy your own USB-stick and use other people’s computers to write your own stuff. Remember to save the articles to your USB and make sure you delete it from the shared computer you originally wrote it on.

Have fun!

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