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Know your broker: Why should you go to ForexRev?

Foreign Exchange Markets also called Forex markets are risky places to be at. And it is not only because of the dynamicity of changes of exchange rates which change in split seconds. What also makes it risky is that the brokers who are operating in the market also face problems. Now, most of the brokers out there are pretty solid and can be relied upon with your investments. However, you should still read the reviews on different brokers you have narrowed down upon before deciding to place your hard-earned money, that you want to use as capital, with a particular broker. ForexRev was launched with this exact goal in mind, so that you can check on your broker’s reputation before you trust them with your money. ForexRev provides the destination for anyone looking to check reviews for CFD/Forex brokers. This is the place where you and others can rate and also leave opinions about their brokers on the website.

ForexRev features

If you need information regarding minimum deposit, leverage offered, or applicable regulations for a given broker, you can find all that detailed information on this website. Not only this, any user can rate the broker they are working with against different criteria. It is not just limited to rating; any user can also put in a review for a broker. All this data is pulled up into a summary and is shown against each broker thus allowing the users to do a very quick eye glance and evaluate any given broker.

The features do not end with just rating and review, there also is a chance for anyone to chat with a broker via forums. Each broker has access to a mini forum where users can ask questions to the broker and get them answered. Just as shopping sites like Amazon allow you to sort the products using various criteria so you get to what you are looking for faster, ForexRev also has a ranking based on how users have rated them which allows you to see the top-rated brokers. This is so you do not have to scroll down a list of ecn brokers to find the best one, the system does it for you.

Given there is a rating system based on users provided ranks, there always is a concern if these are real ratings or cooked up to impress the user. You need not worry, ForexRev takes all measures necessary to ensure that the opinions are reliable and truly reflect the opinions from true users and the ratings are provided only by the true clients of respective ecn brokers.

We all understand the importance of credibility of a broker who you can trust with your funds, and ForexRev provides everyone a place where users can talk about their views related to their broker and also gain from the experiences others have had.

ForexRev’s primary goal is mitigation of risk. As it is, the Forex market is risky in itself, so using the features on this website limits other concerns to a minimum.


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