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October 2015

Managing in the cloud: three essential tools

Most of the talk around cloud computing usually revolves around its accessibility and the fact that it is available on any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This is surely at the core of the immense success cloud computing is enjoying. As of last year, over 90 percent of companies had adopted some sort of cloud computing. The other major advantage is purely economical, as most cloud

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Sleeping Habits Around the World

A great infographic has recently been released which has some very interesting and relevant facts about sleeping habits around the world, so now’s your chance to see how yours stack up. Believe it or not, our sleep habits largely depend on our home life, culture, and the country we grew up in. On average, the amount of sleep we’re getting has decreased compared to 100 years ago, with some countries

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Is Getting a Degree Still Worth it?

Times have changed since our parents were our age. And many people are questioning if it’s still worth getting a degree, and whether the financial implications of a student loan will outweigh any benefit which comes from higher earning power as a university graduate. So is getting a degree still worth it? The answer? It depends. For those who choose liberal arts majors, such as Bachelor of Arts, or focus

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