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5 Fun Things to do in London

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent the majority of this quarantine dreaming about travel. London is one of those bucket list destinations for many people, with so much history scattered thorough out this beautiful capital. While travel is off the cards right now, there’s no harm in planning what you’ll do as soon as things open back up again. Here are my top suggestions for 5 fun things

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Here is Why Going on a Road Trip Is More Fun with Your Own Car

After hitting the millions in the online casino like progressive jackpot, you might want to have fun and go on vacation. Here is an idea, why not take that new Aston Martin for a spin. However, you will definitely need to make sure that everything is in order. For example you can focus on the wheel alignment, get the oil checked and make sure that you have a cooler

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Do you just take your hand luggage? Learn how to pack efficiently

You’ve booked your plane tickets and you’re already figuring out how to go barefoot on the beach … but in case you don’t plan to leave just with the clothes on you, you have to pack your bags. Whether you are going on a short vacation, a business trip or just want to reduce your expenses by giving up the big luggage, hand luggage is a great way to travel

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What You’ll Want to Do on Your Next Trip to Vegas?

In a 24-hour town that’s bustling with activity, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. The challenge then becomes, what should I do? Well, if you’ve already gone the more traditional Vegas-trip route (gambling at the big casinos and hitting up the major clubs), keep your planner open because there’s a lot more to see and do in the city that never sleeps. Over half of those activities are

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Living in the Countryside: Financial Pros and Cons to Consider

We all sometimes dream of moving to the country, because of the unique set of amazing benefits that it offers.  Pros of Living in the Country Living in the country allows us to be closer to nature and live among God’s creatures. After a short time living this type of lifestyle, people often feel that living any other way is simply not natural. And there are great benefits to living

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How to Enjoy Luxury Travel without Splurging

At some point, travelling like a broke university student is going to lose its shine. While the main point of your journey is the experience, it is also quite nice to enjoy some extravagance every now and then. Well, what if you could have a luxury vacation without actually spending too much money? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate goal? Well, if this is something that you are interested in, you

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3 Reasons Why You Hire A Professional Car Service

To some, transportation is just a means of getting from one place to another, and in reality that is pretty much true. As long as you get to your desired destination safely and in an acceptable time frame then that ride is considered successful. There are many other factors that come into the equation though, that can make your ride uncomfortable or even miss your flight. In order to find

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When Is the Rainy Season in Mexico?

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you need to be aware of a lot of different things. For instance, Mexico is a completely different country than the United States which uses a different currency, speaks a different language and generally has (somewhat) different values. Another thing which is useful to know is that the climate of Mexico is fairly different than the one you can find in the

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3 Tips to Create Impressive Travel Photo Slideshows

One of the easiest ways to create something memorable from your travel photos is to compile them into a photo slideshow. But to create an impressive slideshow from your travel photos you need to do more than just select some and place them one after the next. If you want your travel photo slideshow to captivate viewers and hold their interest, there are a few tips that you should try

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What you need to know about driving in winter

If you’re not used to driving in extreme conditions, and you’re due to move somewhere with a lot of rain and snow, this post is for you. I recently watched a super interesting YouTube video which talked about these conditions and the #StoppingDistance you need to be aware of. Something I wasn’t aware of, is that if you’re using the emergency break in rainy conditions, your stopping distance will be

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