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November 2017

Maximize Your Momentum In Business!

One thing most people don’t realize, is that starting a business and then continuing on that path without wavering is rare. It’s totally normal to start wondering if you’ve made a mistake, whether you’re doing the right thing, and even to consider whether you should completely change what you’re doing!   However, this is usually down to one thing: a lack of momentum. Keeping the momentum up in your business

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Eco-Friendly Business Ideas For Those That Care Do you worry about the environment? If so, why not put your money where your heart is? In fact, it could be worth your time, energy and resources, as sustainable, eco-friendly business models are currently growing in popularity all over the world. The idea is simple – have a positive impact on your local land and its community, and show a serious commitment to a healthy and sustainable future.

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It Pays To Be Polite In Business And In Life

From a young age, we’re taught the importance of manners. Even as a child, most of us realize that you don’t get anything unless you ask for it right. Throughout our school years, our teachers reiterate the point again and again. Hence, we learn how to ask for things, share, and get along with one another. In turn, we develop friendships and get further. That’s the way of the world

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Are You Ready for a Mortgage?

Buying your first home usually means getting a mortgage. But are you ready for that responsibility? Not everyone is, and there are definitely some things that you should ask yourself before you decide that you are going to get a mortgage and commit to all that entails. Read on to learn more about the kinds of issues you should be giving thought to if you’re thinking of getting a mortgage

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