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Eco-Friendly Business Ideas For Those That Care

Do you worry about the environment? If so, why not put your money where your heart is? In fact, it could be worth your time, energy and resources, as sustainable, eco-friendly business models are currently growing in popularity all over the world. The idea is simple – have a positive impact on your local land and its community, and show a serious commitment to a healthy and sustainable future. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, read on – here are some simple suggestions on some the businesses out there that are changing the world as we speak.


Green consulting

First of all, if you have a good head for consulting in business, why not set up as a green specialist? Many companies out there are seeking ways to cut costs and improve their bottom lines, and finding cheaper sources of energy to use is one of the most significant cost cuttings they can make. You’ll go over their current environmental strengths and weaknesses, before coming up with an eco-friendly plan that will save them money.


Environmentally friendly farming

The agricultural business has something of a reputation for being unsustainable, so ‘going green’ could end up being a great differential, particularly in communities where people take green issues seriously. You could install solar panelling to power your farm, compost all your animal waste, or ensure you are preserving water and biodiversity in your practices Make sure all the suppliers you are using are as eco-friendly as you are, though. For example, let’s say you are looking for an animal or plant dry spray feeding company. You should look at their ‘Product’ or ‘Learn more about us’ page and ensure they are following the same kind of practices as you are. Ultimately, your loyal customers will lose interest if they find out you aren’t that green after all.


Local Eco-Alternatives

On a similar theme to farming, many local communities are starting to care a lot about where their food comes from. There are enormous negative impacts of buying food that has been grown thousands of miles away, and there is a constant shift towards consuming eco-friendly and locally grown food and materials. Perhaps you could set yourself up as a dealer, and work as a go-between between local farms and producers – you might even be able to set up an online or bricks and mortar store if you drum up enough business.


Green Cleaning

Another area of concern is that people and businesses are starting to worry about the cleaning products they use. Many are full of chemicals that end up entering the water supplies, damaging life in the nation’s rivers and seas. You could make a real difference to the planet by starting a 100% green cleaning company, only using eco-friendly products. It will help you stand out from rival cleaning firms and gives your marketing plan an instant competitive edge.

As you can see, wherever you are in the country, thinking green can help your business stand out. Do you have any other ideas?