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December 2019

How to Save More Money by Day Trading?

Increasing savings should be the guiding principle in any investment strategy, and day trading is not an exception. However, it is the prospects of high profits that attract thousands of day traders every year. Sadly, though, only a few of them manage to make a decent living, let alone saving, from trading activities. The colossal failure of beginners is due to their inability or reluctance to do a few things:

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What do Forex Traders need to be successful?

In excess of £5 trillion is traded through the forex market on a daily basis, across three separate time zones during recurring, 24-hour periods. This is an incredible amount of money, and one that underlines the liquidity and appeal of the market to traders of all ages and descriptions. Make no mistake; however, this competitive market space is also an extremely challenging entity, thanks primarily to the incredible levels of

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