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March 2020

Top 3 Work Perks You Should Negotiate Into Your Next Contract

If you’re looking for a new job or moving up in the company, then you should think about ways that you can negotiate some extra perks into your new contract. Even small perks can add up to a big difference over the course of a year or the length of your work contract. Here are my top 3 work perks you should negotiate into your next contract.  1. A Fuel

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Money printing scams around the world

Some major changes were introduced to UK’s currency in 2016. Yes, we’re talking about the unveiling of the polymer fiver and ten-pound note. Their launch had valid reasoning behind it. In fact, 152,000 fake notes with a value of £3.3 million were seized in the six-month period between January and June 2016, 85% of which were counterfeit twenties. The new polymer notes have a see-through window and hologram, making them

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Own a Restaurant? How to Manage a Restaurant More Effectively

Managing a restaurant is not an easy thing to do. If it was, there wouldn’t be TV reality shows about rescuing a “fine dining experience” from the edge of disaster. Usually, this happens due to mismanagement and/or failing to be progressive in thinking and actions. There are different ways to manage a restaurant’s cash flows effectively to avoid difficulties. In this article, we go through a few of them. Avoid

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Benefits of taking fruits in winter

Winter seems like it’s not a season for fruits, guess what there fruits that thrive in winter are. Most people tend to lack Vitamin C in winter because they cannot get their favourite fruits. Below are the winter fruits that you can use to substitute for your favourite fruits that might be scarce in winter. Continuous take in of fruits in winter might prevent you from catching cold and keeping

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How To Control Your Thoughts?

If you hadn’t noticed then it is high time, we tell you that the human brain is one power weapon. Did you know that no one has the power to spoil your mood you do that all by yourself. Are you a person who enjoys good health? Then you can bring that all to yourself in a short space of time. Just make sure that you keep reading to find

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