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April 2021

Tax Returns for Freelancers: 4 Things You Should Know

Working as a freelancer can be a liberating experience. You get to choose your clients, be your own boss, set your own schedule, among other perks. The promise of independence and flexibility has drawn more people to take up freelancing full-time. A 2019 Upwork study revealed that over 57 million Americans do freelance work, representing 35% of the workforce. However, running a freelance business also comes with increased responsibilities.  In

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5 Money Pits Your Business Needs to Avoid

If you’re a business owner, it’ll come as no great surprise to you that many companies can often find it difficult to maintain a high level of cash flow. The money may be rolling in, but it’s rolling just as fast, and it often means that you can’t grow quite as fast as you’d like to. But while there’ll always be big expenses to contend with, there are some others

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