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How it will be playing live online casino in virtual reality

The online gaming industry is known to be one of the most innovative industries in the world. As we look into the future, it seems obvious that virtual reality is destined to be the next big thing. And it’s sure to be a hit. After all, who wouldn’t want to be closer to the slot characters they’re seeing on the reals?

Since millenials are about to become the latest target group for gambling operators, they need a way to attract the attention of a demographic that’s all about technology, and rather hard to please. This generation is all about the latest and greatest and by 2020 they will form half of the global workforce- meaning they’ll have money to play with. Those developing casino games will need to be able to figure out what will please this demographic and how they can keep their regular members while attracting regular members as well.

Millenials are the most tech-savvy generation, and they’ve seen technology grow and change significantly. They were growing up with the invention of the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad, and they’ll eagerly adopt any technology innovations that they deem to be “cool” or “useful”.

When it comes to a virtual reality gambling experience, the technology actually already exists. VR versions of slot machines and games of poker could easily be delivered via mobile downloads and websites. Imagine how fun it is playing live online casino in VR on Guts casino. You’ll be able to walk through luxurious virtual casinos while wearing a headset, finish your gaming, and find yourself on the couch in your pyjamas.

And it doesn’t seem to be far off. You can now already play live Blackjack with real players online and chat to the other people at your table. Virtual reality intensifies the online gambling experience, and could make it much more exciting and interesting.

Gaming is about the physiological and emotional experience that you have when playing a the casino tables, along with the sensory stimuli that players experience. Virtual reality could replicate the entire experience, from when players walk into the lobby, are greeted by the hostess and led to the gaming floor.

Imagine that you’ve dropped your coin, pulled the handle and you watch the wheels spin and settle. While you sadly didn’t win a prize this time, all of a sudden an icon appears, telling you to click if you want to win a prize.

You click the icon and suddenly your casino disappears and the colours begin to spin. You’re being made into a character in a video game and you’re also being transported to a new world. You’re suddenly a cowboy in a western town, and a sign appears in front of you saying “Shoot ten bandits in 2 minutes and win $1500”.

Bandits begin to appear, and you get aiming and shooting. This could be the casino of the future that most people will experience from their own homes.