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Must read books on bingo

I initially started playing bingo in the classroom. I was really excited for those few moments of fun during the lunch break of the school hours where I got to laugh and chat with other friends. Then as I grew older probably visited bingo halls a few times with my friends over the weekend, where I met new people and started building some last longing friendships.

In my hectic schedule, I find it difficult to visit bingo halls and play bingo. And one day I read an article on an online bingo site New Look Bingo and was amazed by their offers and promotions.

Before that I did a bit of research on online bingo, read some reviews on different portals and also got to know that there are bingo books published by some famous authors which really helped me to play and win. Here is a list of bingo books which I would suggest all my readers to read before they start playing online bingo.


1.Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently by B.A. Hartwell: In this book the author has a thing to say about the game and has a unique approach of winning consistently in bingo. Online or offline author has focused on how to get best results out of your experience with techniques and advanced skills that one can put to turn luck and chance, in to multiple ways to gain victory.

2.The Buzzword Bingo Book by Benjamin Yoskovitz: The Buzzword Bingo Book is a complete guide to the game, providing an overview of the strategies and rules.

3.Gambling Times Guide to Bingo by Roger Snowden: This is one of my favourite books and the best available bingo book in the market. It gave me a great information about the history of bingo. The book has 194 pages giving you every information you need to get the most from your bingo experience.

4. Basics of winning by Avery Cardoza: This book is quiet different from others. This book serves as more of a primer and is great for everyone who wants to understand bingo and learn it by practice.

Other than books you can also read e-books on online bingo. Select the best bingo site like I did, check out their promotions, games and also get the best bingo bonus offered then come to a conclusion. And don’t forget to share your bingo experience with me!