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4 Workout Tips to Keep You Motivated this Winter


Ahh, excellent! Now that we’ve got your attention (and gotten all that nonsense out of the way), we can get down to business.

Winter is dreary. Winter is miserable. Winter is… cold! Getting out of bed in these conditions (especially in the small hours of the morning) takes superhuman will, making it tough to stay motivated through the chilly months.

If you’re reading this to avoid getting your butt into gear, put your phone down this instant and get to work! For everyone else, though, here are all the workout motivation tips you’ll need to head into spring feeling fit and fresh.


1. Enlist a PT to crack the whip

The truth is, when you’re paying someone for your workout, it’s a lot harder to justify staying in bed for an extra hour. Gyms are flooded with trainers these days, so you won’t have to look far to find one.

Pro tip: chat with specialised coaches like the crew at Cutting Edge Performance Centre. When you choose a dedicated team like this, you’ll get more than just a workout. The best trainers will take the time to get to know everything they can about your goals, routine and specific needs, and they also have extensive knowledge about body composition, nutrition and working around injuries.

2. Set your goals

Not weight-loss goals. Fitness goals. Enjoy running? First, get out of here, you masochist. Then go get ready to smash your half-marathon time. Love lifting? Decide that you’ll increase your squat PB by 10kg. Whatever your goals are, write them down on paper (or on your phone) and create a plan of attack for achieving them.


3. Sign up for an event

And make it a tough one. Nothing will get you off the couch like the thought of trying to tackle a 20km obstacle course with zero cardio under your belt. It will be hell. Do the workout.

4. Find something indoors that you adore

Um, yoga and barre anyone? There are countless options for indoor exercise these days, so really, there’s no excuse. Don’t be afraid to give new activities a go; most people are super friendly, and you’re only a rookie once!

If you’re not feeling motivated by now, bad news: your winter workout routine was probably never going to happen anyway.

Got better methods to coax yourself away from the heater? Don’t keep them to yourself – share them in a comment below!