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6 Things To Do When You Start Going To The Gym

You’ve finally mustered up the courage to go to the gym and start the self-improvement plan you’ve kept promising yourself you’d follow. Beginnings are always hard, and it can be a bit frustrating when you are a newbie and have no idea where and what to do.

The experts at Leo’s Fitness Labs know how that feels and they helped me, the newbie, get into the right mindset to make my visits to the gym a much more pleasant and productive experience. It’s all about self-indulgence and making up these little rituals to set you into the right mood, and off you go!

As of 2021, the personal training industry is worth just under $13 billion dollars. As the ever growing obesity crises continues to grow in the USA, the opportunity to become a fitness professional, has never been higher. By completing a level 3 personal training course, you will be fully qualified, able and entitled to coach people online, in a gym or even run outdoor classes. This is a highly rewarding job, both financially and mentally. The average salary for a personal trainer in the USA typically falls between $45,000 – $75,000 thousand dollars. The dollars sound great don’t they? You know what is really great? Changing people’s lives, personal training isn’t just about the physical appearance, its so much more, you have the ability to change someone’s mental health and coach them to a much more balanced place.

Start out With A Nice Cup Of Coffee

There’s no reason to change your morning routine or start a new one. Caffeine will energize you and affect your central nervous system. This will give you an extra boost for an hour or two which is perfect for your morning gym visit.

Whatever exercise you decide to do the performance will be improved which gives you the necessary sense of accomplishment and desire to come back and do even better. All of this is possible without coffee but it sure gives you better focus, coordination, and effectiveness.

Plan Is Everything

It is crucial to have an idea of what you want to do on any given day. The gym is not an exception from that rule. Not only will you save time by following a plan, but you wouldn’t break your workout flow and let your heart rate drop.

A clear vision of what you want to do and doing exactly that is truly satisfying and fulfilling rather than just walking around indecisively and wasting your time. You should also come up with alternative exercises in case machines you planned to use are taken at the moment. You can always do something else, shuffle the order, and then come back later.

The goal is to have a sort of tangible schedule of exercises which you want to complete in a specific time-frame in order to achieve desired results.

Music Helps A Lot

The best ways to jump into the action is put on some energetic music with pounding rhythm to put you up to speed. Simply working out to the sound of machines and moaning of others can be a little dull, that’s why you need a rocking mixtape made of songs to punch someone in the face. Not literally of course, unless you are doing some boxing for training.

Don’t Forget To Stretch

Stretching is very important before you start the actual workout. You have to get your blood flowing and warm up your muscles before you dive into real exercises. What we recommend is dynamic stretching which includes multiple different stretching exercises instead of just one or two.

This variation will adapt your body even more for the upcoming workout and thus give you the opportunity to go a step further in each and every exercise and have great training with real progress.

Find A Buddy

Why go alone through all of this if you can have some company and share some laughs together, but also moments of great work-out with your partner who, same as you, is trying to get better with each and every session.

This is particularly good if you are both new to all of this and having someone either with or without experience helps immensely. One of the perks is that you two would feel more responsible, not just to yourselves, but each other knowing that the success of the training and an overall regular visits to the gym depend on you both, and you can even turn it into a competition of a sort just to make it more interesting.