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Build Your Muscles on a Budget

Building lean muscle has been shown to improve overall body mass, strength and health in men and women of all ages so why wait to get started? Don’t let your tight budget deter you from changing your lifestyle, there are many ways to build muscles without breaking the bank.

Why Build Your Muscles?

You don’t have to want to be a bodybuilder to work on your muscles. The health benefits of increasing lean muscle mass go far beyond this goal and may be surprising. The body requires a large amount of protein to heal, therefore infections can be fought by using protein to build lean muscle mass. Cancer sufferers have been shown to have decreased levels of protein in their bodies as they fight the disease. If you have built muscle mass, this provides your body with a store of protein to help fight infection and disease. Obesity can also be combated by increasing muscle. Those with Lean Body Mass use more energy while at rest than those without. Building muscle through exercise can help you lose weight, even when doing nothing.


Adapting Your Diet

Protein-rich foods are an essential part of a healthy diet but are key for those who lead an active lifestyle. Low-cost foods high in protein include:

·         Eggs

·         Almonds

·         Greek yogurt

·         Broccoli

·         Chicken

Protein shakes are also ideal for those looking to build and maintain muscle. Research published in Sports Medicine, 2015 shows that protein supplements have been shown to promote muscle gain and strength in those who increased the amount of training or exercise they carried out. Other natural herbs and supplements can also help to increase lean muscle mass when taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Turkesterone is one such supplement that can aid weight loss, increase athleticism, and boost overall health. You can read more about the benefits of taking turkesterone if you click here. Keep in mind that, when you exercise and build muscle, you may have to eat more, so eating the right foods to target muscle is essential. Local farmers markets for meat and produce can be cheaper than general grocery stores and are excellent for buying in bulk.

How to Exercise

Although cardiovascular fitness is important to keep the organs healthy and to lose weight overall, it will not build muscle mass alone. There is no need to join an expensive gym for strength training, there are ways you can do this on a budget. Check budget websites and the classified to find second hand bodybuilding weights and dumbbells. Join a local class as opposed to a gym to reduce costs of exercising. Search online for chest and abs workout videos instead of joining a class. Building muscle doesn’t have to be costly, there are plenty of ways to do this alongside your budget diet.

Increasing lean muscle doesn’t have to bulk up your body, but it does contribute to overall health. Check your local gym to see if they provide a free personal training session to get advice for your body shape on how to build muscle mass.