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How To Find Medical Help Wherever You Are

No matter where you go, you want to keep the kids safe on holiday and ensure you and your partner stay healthy. However, travelling anywhere comes with some risks. You could catch an illness because the food doesn’t agree with you or you could get injured during an activities and days out . You can’t cosy up inside bubble wrap for your trip, so it’s important to know how to find medical help wherever you are and ensure one problem doesn’t ruin your travels. 

Research Clinics and Hospitals Wherever You Go 

The easiest way to get medical help wherever you go is to research where to go if you suffer an injury or illness. Every city has hospitals, clinics and dentists that will happily treat your ailments, provide medication, and help you get back to your best.

However, more remote locations, especially islands, are less reliable. Therefore, it’s worth double-checking what to do in case of an illness to ensure you aren’t stuck somewhere you can’t get help quickly.

Bring First-Aid With You 

Even if you know where to go in case of an injury, you should still bring a Travel First-Aid Kit to administer basic treatment if you or someone in your family gets hurt. You don’t need to apply expert medical treatment, but you can clean wounds and protect exposed areas while you wait for an ambulance. 

It’s also worth learning First Aid. Some jobs have this as a requirement, but if you’re trekking through mountains or a similarly remote location, First-Aid could save a life. 

Speak to Hotel Staff 

Injuries can happen anywhere, even in luxury resorts where you don’t need to leave the premises. All hotel staff should know what to do if someone gets hurt, so speaking to them when you arrive will ensure you can take the right steps to get treatment. 

One common problem, especially in Southeast Asia, is a jellyfish sting. Hotel staff can also apply the correct homemade treatment of white vinegar that can lessen the pain and neutralise the venom. 

Know Who to Call 

Every country has their specific emergency phone numbers. The U.S. and Canada use 911, while the UK has 999 and Australians call 000 when involved in an accident. Wherever you go, know who to call immediately. You should still be able to contact emergency services without a local SIM, but it’s worth buying one anyway. 

Have Travel Insurance 

Although travel insurance won’t prevent injuries, it can prevent the pain of a substantial hospital bill. Research and purchase cheap travel insurance before you go anywhere so you can make a claim quickly. 

Some travel insurance policies will only cover some issues, so remember this when looking for the right type of insurance. If you’re going snowboarding, use snowsport-specific insurance. If you’re travelling through tropical areas, make sure all tropical diseases are covered and get the necessary vaccines before you go. 

Staying Safe 

While you need to be cautious while travelling, you should still do as much as you want to get the most out of the trip. You can’t always predict illness or injuries, so these tips will help you get help as quickly as possible to minimise long-term problems and ensure you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.