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How to Lose Weight This Year

If you’re like most people, getting in shape was one of your New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re part of the majority, that resolution lasted approximately two days into January before you were back into your old habits.

Don’t feel bad though, since studies have shown that the reason most people are unable to lose weight is due to our all-or-nothing mentality. We decide that we want to become more healthy and immediately ban ourselves from coffee, wine, sugar and carbs, and wonder why we have horrific mood swings, low energy and only last a few days.


The problem is that we’re also fairly uneducated about nutrition. The foods that we usually associate with being “diet food” are low-fat, but this also means that they’re often high in sugar (also known as carbs), and we all know what happens when we live a sedentary lifestyle and don’t burn all of our carbs off right? They turn straight into fat.

Unfortunately, we often believe that if we eat these low-fat foods and spend hours in the gym we’ll achieve the body of our dreams. This, however, is a huge myth.

First, let’s take a look at exercise. If you’re one of those people who like to go for a stroll on the treadmill while reading a magazine, you’re going to have to amp it up. Unless you’re raising your heart rate, and keeping it raised, you’re not burning any fat or getting any of the best cardiovascular benefits. Consider changing to interval training, running on the treadmill, hitting a spin class or working out at home with a program like Insanity.

If you want to tone your muscles you’re going to need to lift weights. While many women mistakingly believe that this will make them bulk up, most of us don’t have enough testosterone for this, and while you’ll notice muscle, you’ll also notice fat loss and you’ll get a long, lean look.


Of course, exercise is only a small part of losing weight. Ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym?” This is the truth, friend. Losing weight means cutting calories, and while we’d like to burn 500 calories every day in the gym, this is pretty unrealistic, even for those who are doing a spin class every day. The best idea is to focus on both nutrition and exercise, switching from a high-sugar, high-carb diet to one which is heavy on protein and healthy fats. Not only does protein keep you full for longer but it helps your muscles grow- which is why it’s so important to fuel up after a workout.

Finally, if you need a kickstart into your new healthy lifestyle, consider trying out a retreat. Chi Of Life is a great option since it’s both a wellness and weight loss health retreat and you’ll gain inspiration and an education, allowing you to lose some serious weight and get yourself in the best headspace to continue once you’re back in your normal routine.