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Thinking about Buying a Bike? Here’s why you Should

We’ve all done it- driven past that cyclist on the way to work, noticed families on their bikes in the weekend, and heard about a friends new health kick which involves biking everywhere. Most of the time we give a fleeting thought to buying a bike “I should do that”, we tell ourselves, but we never do.

While most people know the main benefits of regular cycling, here are some more reasons why you should buy a bike soon.


Youll do the environment a favour

We all know that humans have had a shocking effect on the environment. Buying a bike is your chance to undo some of that damage and maybe convince some of your friends and family to do the same. Not only do bikes take far less energy to make than cars, but they take up far less space than cars so you can even store it in your house if you’re short on parking. You’re also not producing any dirty car fumes every day, and contrary to popular belief, cyclists actually inhale far less pollution than those who are passengers or driving taxis, cars and buses.

Your health will improve

Most people who work in offices spend the majority of the day sitting down. This leads to weight gain, back problems, and a feeling of lethargy. Have you ever noticed that the more you sit around, the more tired you are? Biking is a great way to get to work, and if you’re worried about getting all sweaty you can bring a change of clothes in your backpack or keep some at work. Many offices will also have shower facilities so there’s no excuse not to get your metabolism revving nice and early and burn those calories in the morning.


Youll look younger and live longer

Cycling improves circulation and blood flow, which means that not only are you flushing out toxins when you’re on your bike, but you’re also making it easier for important nutrients to get to your skin. There have also been studies which suggest that those who cycle regularly will be younger biologically and have longer life spans.

Youll get smarter

There has recently been a wave of people signing up for mind training apps, but many people don’t know that cardio-respiratory exercise actually improves brain power and makes you smarter. Doing cardio exercise increases blood flow tot he brain which means you’ll be less at risk for diseases like Alzheimers and more likely to remember key tasks through the day.

Convinced? If you’re ready to buy a new bike, head to and check out the great range available. It’s also important to remember to buy a helmet (and no biking along with it hanging on your handlebars), so check out the Fox Flux Helmet so you can be safe while on your new bike. Who knows, maybe you’ll convince your friends and family to give up their cars in favour of a bike as well.