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Three Tips for Finding Cheaper Healthcare Plans

There are some things in life we can live without, and this is something to look at when it comes to saving money; having said that, there are some things in life it’s just not worth taking the risk to live without, whether you save or not!

Healthcare insurance is one of those things, because in many cases, if you were to be taken ill, you may be faced with a hefty bill at the end of it, if you choose to go privately. This all depends on the country you live in of course, and whether you are entitled to free state healthcare; if you’re not, the price of getting yourself well again can be high.

You will probably take one look at the cost of a comprehensive healthcare plan and shake your head in annoyance, but there are a few tips you can take advantage of, to shave a bit off the price, and help you find a policy to suit your needs, without breaking the bank.


Shop around

Its common sense really, but never just take the first price you’re quoted. Head to an online price comparison site and have a look at a few of the options that come up. There are countless companies out there who can offer you policies to suit your needs, with different options available, so doing your research is vital for getting not only a lower price, but a policy that is right for you.


You will probably see quite soon after you start looking for a healthcare plan, that if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, the price of the whole thing goes up. There is a way around this, and it is known as moratorium underwriting. Not all companies do this, but some do, so check it out first. This basically automatically excludes any conditions you’ve been to the doctors about, had treatment for, or taken medication for over a certain time frame. This is something you need to call the company about, as rules are different depending on their own terms and conditions, but it is an avenue for you to explore in your cost-cutting mission.


Look at shared responsibility

There are ways to cut the cost of a policy if you give the company a call and ask, such as a policy with what is called shared responsibility. This means that you basically agree to pay a proportion of any claim you make, up to a certain amount, and this cuts out the amount that the company have to pay, which obviously lowers your plan cost initially.

Healthcare plans are never going to be free, and you do have to pay for the many benefits they will give you, but if you follow the above advice and cut a bit of the cost, not only will you be covered health-wise, but you will be better off for it too.