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3 Robot Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Changes in the work environment have seen a lot of drastic changes over the years and it continues to become even more modern. With these changes came innovative machines from several companies that focus on keeping up with the needs of the current workforce, the most advanced produces from companies like Fuji Xerox certainly make people feel awed with how machines can do so much. Here are some of the newest robotic technologies which are bound to make a lot of changes in the industry.


Telepresence Robots

There remains to be a lot of companies that are trying to beat each other in the production of the ideal telepresence robot that allows monitoring of certain activities and tasks even from a far location. A remote controlled embodiment of a certain individual can help in nurturing contacts and in building relationships. Doctors can look in to the status of their patients even from afar and the devices can be as accessible as a smartphone. A variety of uses can be ultimately found for this awesome invention. These machines can also help in cutting down costs as you can see the operations of a branch or a division without leaving your headquarters. There are so many useful applications of this technology and they can play a wide array of roles in different industries.

Robot Printers

This innovation has been one of the most wonderful. Anybody could relate to why it would be way easier to have a machine hand out your print outs to you rather than walking somewhere in the building to get your print outs. With this new machine, you will have a mobile device that can cater to your printing needs and at the same time, ensure that the printed documents will not be released or revealed to an unauthorized individual. Designed to be used in public places, the machine is equipped with a sensor that allows it to navigate around a place. This seemingly unique creation is from Fuji Xerox. Testing of these machines seems quite promising. Documents are uploaded on a certain address in the web and the printer is at the receiving end. Once printing order has been received, the machine moves to the intended recipient and waits for print activation. As a really efficient tool, this is deemed to be a great addition for airport lounges and other public places.


Robotic Baristas

Robots are quite in demand these days and there are certainly a lot of reasons why there are more innovations. One addition to the robotic industry is this machines which allows people to have access to brewed coffee round the clock. Briggo, the company behind this project, has grand plans for their newest coffee brewer. Given the current market for brewed coffee, there is no denying that there’s so much to gain from this innovative barista. The machine replicates all of the tasks that are required of baristas and it is also capable of brewing multiple drinks at one time.

There is no denying that technology has been making a lot of advancement over the years. Who would have known that computers can be fashioned into really compact devices that you can bring anywhere you. Anyone who saw the telephone before will be awed with the modern smartphones. Indeed, it is good to know the newest technologies and the improvements that they are making especially in the industry where you belong. Given the usefulness of these machines, life definitely becomes easier although it doesn’t necessarily mean that human intervention will no longer be required. Indeed, there’s so much to look forward to in the future.