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How to inject colour into your kitchen

What colour is your kitchen? Breaking away from the same-old shades of white and cream can be daunting but adding colour into your kitchen is a great way of injecting life into your space — after all, it is the heart of the home.

If you’re braving the brights, follow our top tips to ensure you get it right.


Start small

Want to experiment with colour but don’t want to start painting the walls just yet? You can easily inject colour into your space through a selection of brightly coloured accessories. For example, decide on one or two accent colours and incorporate them throughout your space.

If you have glass-doored cupboards or a display cabinet, use them to show off coloured cups, plates and glasses. You could also invest in a new toaster, kettle, canisters and tea towels to further tie together your colour scheme.

Strike the balance right

When using bright colours, you need to make sure you get the balance right.

Try to be selective about where you use colour. For example, if you create a statement wall where your kitchen units are, keep the other walls muted to make them stand out. Remember, you don’t have to go all out with bright colours to make an impact — something as simple as a brightly painted cupboard or island and a selection of complementing accessories can prove really effective.


Don’t stop at the walls

If you really want to make a statement in your space, why not choose a bold coloured kitchen? While many retailers will offer a limited range of designs, there are more options than the typical white or wooden kitchens.

For example, specialist kitchen designer Harvey Jones handcrafts all of their bespoke kitchens to order, so each one is crafted to the unique needs of each individual client.  They supply the units expertly primed with two coats of undercoat which, after installation, is then painted to the customer’s colour of choice by an experienced furniture painter. From vibrant yellow to mellow blue, services like this help you find a kitchen to match both your home and personality.