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Repurpose Your Old Mattresses With These 6 DIY Tips!

There comes a time when that old mattress just has to go. Simple wear and tear might prompt its demise or your might need a larger or smaller option. Regardless of the reason, you are left with one dilemma: what should you do with your old number? Instead of sending it to the landfill, you may be interested in repurposing it! Here are 5 DIY ideas that will help you get the job done.

Day bed

Ever dreamed of a nice, cosy couch in the sun to kick back on during those lazy afternoons? Then put your old mattress to work for the task. Whip yourself up a simple mattress-sized cushion cover and then build yourself a base from wood. You could even use pallets. If you’re looking for a multipurpose day bed that also includes storage, build it to accommodate some under bed drawers that are readily available from retailers like Super Amart.

Super Amart also boasts a host of other inspiring base options that can accommodate a mattress such as storage benches, and they have furniture stores at the Gold Coast, Gepps Cross and everywhere in between.



Nothing says relaxing quite like a beanbag and this is the perfect site for all the stuffing or foam that goes into your mattress. Before sending it to the tip, consider deconstructing your old bed companion and using its innards for other tasks.

Wine rack

Pinterest is home to some great ideas for old mattresses, particularly when it comes to inner spring numbers. One of these is to use your old springs as a wine rack by mounting the springs to a frame, then securing it to the wall.

Gardening lattice

Need a frame for your creepers? Then look no further than your inner springs. When turned on their side they provide the perfect support for tomato plants, beans, jasmine or even a vertical garden of pot-plants slotted in the springs.


Pet bed

Why should old faithful sleep on the floor when there’s an old mattress for the taking? You can hand it straight over, or cut it to size and recover it to ensure your best friend gets the peaceful slumber he or she deserves.


And if all that seems like hard work, consider recycling your mattress. Local councils, charity shops and numerous businesses have mattress recycling programs that mean your mattress either goes straight to a good cause or is broken down for recycling. In the latter case, the foam goes to carpet underlay and the springs are used as scrap metal.

Like most things in the modern world, a mattress has a use-by date. But just because it no longer fits the bill in the bedroom, that doesn’t mean it won’t stack up to some other task. It’s a matter of being creative so you can sleep in the extra peace you haven’t added more waste to the pile.

Have you heard of other great repurposing projects that you’d like to share? Do so by leaving a comment below!