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Samsung Digital Break-through: The Introduction of Samsung Ballie

Samsung is always going to stay up in its tech game by introducing the ultimate human companion robot- like ball.

If you want to get more time for your best online casino nz sites games, Samsung has made the perfect helper for you.

Samsung Ballie is like a tiny personal assistant who helps you navigate around your day. Specifically, you can use it as a planner or even keep track of your fitness routine.

 What is the Samsung Ballie

The Samsung Ballie’s unveiling was at the CES 2020 Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

According to the creators, the robot ball is there to follow your every move but it was also programmed to know the limit.

For instance, it will be behind you, but once you stop moving it takes a move back to give you your space.

Ballie’s Unique Features

The voice-activated ball is the size of a tennis ball. Remarkably, the ball can also activate other robot home gadgets like vacuums when it thinks the house is dirty. Talk about more online gambling sites time!

If you want to stay fit, Ballie can help you increase your daily steps by gently giving you a push to keep moving.

More so, it can also provide security for your house when you are not around. Samsung Ballie can patrol your house and entertain your dog when you are not at home.

 The Release Date

Samsung is not clear about the exact time the robot ball will be made public or what the price will be for the ultimate companion.

However, Samsung CEO Kim HS is promising more personal gadget like Ballie to its customers.

He further states that the company has a ten year plan to make sure that each user has personalised gadgets.


Although it looks like a pricy gadget, the Samsung Ballie is a definite must-have to give you a more fun time.

For instance, you can easily lie down start gambling online or watch a soccer match. Ballie will take care of all the dirty work that needs to be done.