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The Accessories That Will Best Dress Your Bedroom

Although the bedroom is a place of rest, it is also the most personal and intimate place in your home. To reflect this, you should dress it to make it somewhere special, and somewhere that is yours, or you and your partners. Accessories are the best way to dress a bedroom and create a space you won’t want to leave. Below are some simple places to start.


A Bookshelf

Just because it’s called a bookshelf doesn’t mean it only has to house books. Shelving or a bookcase is a great way to add a bit more depth to your room and create a visual anchor if the walls are fairly sparse. Mix it up with trinkets, books and your favourite magazines, and even use it as a display unit for eye-catching pieces of jewellery. Check out sites like for a bit of inspiration.

A Killer Cover

Let’s face it; the bed is the one item a bedroom cannot live without. But you don’t have to buy an entirely new bed frame to give the space the pop it needs, as the main attention drawer is often the quilt cover. Picking a bed cover that you absolutely love can be the lead-in to the design and overall vibe for the rest of the room. You could even go all out and have a solid bright colour or a beautiful graphic print, then keep all other accessories fairly muted.


The Bedside Table

Another fairly essential item for the bedroom, the bedside table doesn’t need to be boring, or the set you simply bought with the bed frame. What is your favourite thing to do? What interests you? If it’s travelling, try stacking some old-fashioned suitcases on top of each other for a unique edge. Is it reading? Buy a couple of low, open shelving units that can display your favourite stories, and have your lamp and other bedside trinkets sitting on top.

An Eye-Popping Artwork

A fantastic way to add some real personality to the space! Nothing creates atmosphere like a piece of art or oversized print on the wall. It says so much about who you are and what you love and will become the focal point of the space if you stick to just one, on one wall. Be brave with this too, and really take your time in picking something special.

Light Effects

Not a lot of thought is given to the bedroom light; as long as it has a good working globe that allows you to see your outfits properly in the mirror right? A light covering is an easy way to dress your bedroom and give it the added spice it needs. A great light cover also directly affects the lighting in the room, meaning you are creating an ambience for the space as well as a great showpiece.

There are an unlimited number of accessories to choose from to dress your bedroom, and it all comes down to the things you love. It’s not a public room for guests, so it really can be as personal as you want. Try not to overdo it though, as bedrooms tend to be naturally cluttered anyway (it’s usually the home for things with no home), and keep to the items that you really want to have around you.

What items can’t you live without in your bedroom? Write your answers in the space below.