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3 Ways to Earn Extra Money

We’ve all been in a situation where we had a need for more income, whether on a long term basis, or just for a single occasion, as well as been in a scenario where we had more stuff than cash and carried the thoughts of selling it for a little extra cash. The second hand market is big and difficult to measure, since it is indeed mostly transacted with physical cash. However, it is a good market for buying and selling things for some extra income, or flipping. Similar to flipping houses, though dramatically less complicated and less risky, in most cases. Let’s look at a few ways to earn some extra dough:

  1. Selling items you make. Whether you’re making things from scratch, like furniture, clothing, leather goods and similar items, there’s a big business for handmade goods. Adding that personal touch to a product creates a sense of commonality and feelings of relationship between the buyer and seller, that isn’t there in the case of mass produced goods. Many people are participating in the handmade market, with sites like Etsy coming up in popularity and breadth of the market in recent years, it’s easier than ever to sell items you or your loved ones make.

  2. Sell used items for cash. Pawn shops are one place you can sell some items for cash, though, you don’t actually get much in relation to what you could sell the items yourself for. They just have a steady customer base to sell to, so it’s sometimes easier. Selling items yourself, whether it’s a car sold for cash, furniture, or no longer needed items just sitting in your garage, selling items around your house is easier than ever with platforms at our fingertips. Some people never buy anything new, because buying used items is so much easier and less expensive than buying at a mall or paying retail prices.

  3. Work side jobs. This might be easy for you, or difficult to find the time to do it, but given the right amount of money and comfort levels, most people are willing to work a side job for some extra cash, even if just for a short while. Waiting tables, writing, painting, construction work, cleaning houses, mowing lawns, washing cars and a plethora of other tasks are things that many people want to outsource and pay well for others to do. Putting the word out that you’re interested in dog walking, house sitting, or any number of things you have an interest in and expertise or capability to do is a surefire way to get some extra side jobs and extra cash coming in. They are fun and usually things you can work into any schedule, to earn some extra spending money, or to build your savings.

What side jobs or side hustles have you considered for yourself? Are there others you can do in your local area to add value to yourself, and others? Getting rid of junk for one, is a treasure to another, so don’t discount the items around your house and yard to the trash bin just yet, see if there’s a local market for them, and make some extra cash for yourself!