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Does Attitude Translate Into Income?

Can the attitude you steward translate into your personal income potential? Well, if you frame this question in a certain way, it certainly can. For example, without a great attitude, you’re never going to develop the important skills necessary to get to the top. But would we say that cut-throat executives have the best attitudes and the most integrity when trying to preserve their positions? There are some who might say yes, and some who might shout a resounding ‘no.’

However, when getting started out in your career, these decisions mean something. We often think of ourselves as a blank slate. We assume that if only we paint ourselves with the right accreditation and qualifications, and we know the right people, success is guaranteed. But none of us are blank slates. Our personality, demeanor, and yes, attitude all contributes to our overall success in the industry, or when running our business.

If you apply these following attitudes, you might figure out a competent manner of moving forward:

Continual Learning

When you have the attitude that you must always refine your competency, you focus on the implement that most matters – education. It’s one thing to become known in your firm or business for being competent, and then moving on to manage people who conduct the same role. It’s quite another to keep refining your ability, even if qualifying from a prestigious course such as an online MSN program. You’re never ‘done’ with learning throughout the course of life, so why take a different attitude to the development of your career?

Open To Change

Change comes for us all in various ways, but being most able to ride out those changes can help you stay valuable. This is why Rolls Royce have many, very different designs throughout the decades, and why chefs will routinely update their menus for what’s in season and trendy that summer, rather than sticking to one menu for a long, long time. The correct attitude here is to let go of things that no longer work, and instead move the times as the times move you. Then, you will absolutely be able to read patterns when running a business, or stay a relevant leader when working in a firm.

Open To Criticism

Everyone is criticised from time to time. It’s a normal part of working in a collaborative environment. Criticism can come from your boss, your clients, or even the press. Of course, while they might objectively be wrong about the criticism, you must never deter from using it to filter if your actions are actually good or not. If not, you will have had the openness to accept this advice, and can move onto a better solution. This keeps people in a job, but more importantly keeps them effective. With the willingness to listen to this criticism (although it’s not easy,) you will also be able to separate the direct truth from that intended to harm you.

With these competent attitudes, you are sure to translate your mentality into continual career viability.