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Escape The 9-5 Commute – Work From Home!

If you are searching for a career which offers a degree of flexibility you could look at jobs which can easily be worked from home. The 9-5 daily commute can be very restricting and expensive when you take into account the costs relating to public transport. Many people find that they are much more productive when working from home, as they realise their time is precious. It does however require a certain amount of discipline especially if procrastination is one of your talents! If you are looking at ways of escaping the confines of 9-5, read on for inspiration.

Often choosing the career you would like to work from home is the main problem. Here are some ideas to whet your appetite.


Surveys often place beauty therapists as being the most happy in their career choice. You spend your day making other people feel fantastic, which is rewarding. It is a career in which you meet lots of different people meaning that you won’t be lonely and isolated. Beauty therapy can be very easily be worked from home either via a home based salon or you could work as a mobile therapist. You will need the correct qualifications in order to practice you could also choose a Practical CME Botox Training Course which will enable you to administer botox treatments.

Your present job

This option is often overlooked, however many employers are now realising the benefits of having staff who work from home or on a freelance basis. The benefits to employers include that there is a greater flexibility which accommodates working with colleagues and clients working in different time zones. If you feel that your current role could be worked from home, ask your employer. Ensure you relay the benefits to them and perhaps offer the option of you working on a freelance basis.

Freelance writer

If you have a flair for the written word, freelance writing may be the perfect job for you. There is plenty of work around for freelance writers, especially on the internet. Just about every business in the land now has a web presence and all the websites require content for them to be engaging in order to attract orders. Try to compile a portfolio of previous work so that you can show potential employers.


If you have ever had any success selling unwanted items on auction sites such as ebay, you will be aware that there is money to be made. Some people have carved out lucrative careers by reselling items that they have sourced at low cost to sell on at a profit. This is a job which can easily be worked from home, although you may need to look at storage options.

Home baking

Setting up a home based baking business is often a career which stems from a hobby. If your friends and family love your sweet creations you could take your hobby a step further by selling them! There are certain health and safety regulations which need to be met, but once these are in place it’s simply a case of getting your products “out there” by marketing them.

You have so many more options available to you. Research carefully and achieve your dream of a career which offers flexibility and an escape from the 9-5 routine!