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How online promotions increase the more we use the web

Given the amount of ways and hours we consume looking at all our needs on the internet, it’s been inevitable that companies would focus on interacting and attracting customers via the web. Whether it is on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, it appears our eyes are glued to the internet, which is exactly why there can be so many benefits out there from businesses desperate to grasp your attention. These benefits range from getting free bets for online gambling to getting some money off your groceries: the bottom line is that the promotions available online seem endless.

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Gambling is an obvious place to start, seeing as the amount we gamble now is extravagant, whether it is having a spin on the roulette wheel or trying to pick a winner from the billion-dollar industry that is football. So naturally, the competition is fierce and a way to beat that is by offering a ‘welcome bonus’. They all vary with their offer and some are more beneficial than others. For instance, MrSmithCasino offers you a 100% match up on your first deposit up to £200, doubling your money and therefore increasing your potential winnings. While this obviously heightens the risk for them, it is extremely enticing as a customer and so it is a great way to build new customer relationships.

Online promotions are not restricted to the gambling industry, of course. Online shopping is now a weekly occurrence to many people, whether you are getting your food shop delivered to your door or buying new clothes or even furniture, all is available online. As the promotions are designed by companies to attract you, it is often possible to get free delivery or money off your shop. Big online shops like ASOS offer several different free delivery options depending on how much you spend, too. The additional benefit is of course that you can do everything from your own home, so if you don’t have the time to go up to the high street or the nearest supermarket, your orders will be delivered directly to you. Whilst in those cases the price saving may not be significant to the customer, in some cases buying online is actually cheaper. This would usually come when booking a holiday or purchasing electronic devices, as companies are known to have special online prices which save you money as well as time. This highlights the way the world has changed for a consumer, with some shops exclusively online and with more and more online transactions completed every day.



With online retail sales predicted to have reached £52.25bn in the UK over the last year, this shows that the amount we do online is only continuing to grow. In practice, this means that the opportunities to find promotions online should be greater than ever, whether it is to try and make some money from online games or to buy a pair of sneakers for cheaper than anywhere else.