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It’s Not Too Late to Start Making 2019 Your Best Financial Year Ever: Here’s What You Should Do

Great things happen if you manage your finances well. If you are currently having financial difficulties and would like to turn things around, then it’s not too late. You can still make 2019 your best financial year with the following tips.

  1. Set your financial goals and intentions.

If you’re currently renting and would like to buy a home, make that your ultimate financial goal. Wanting to improve your credit standing would be another financial goal you can start on. The most important thing is you have a goal in mind. Make sure to sit down and go over your current financial standing, identify whatever is hindering you from achieving this goal and starting to brainstorm on what to do. Once you’ve set the goals, it’s important to create a realistic plan of action.

  1. Create and stick to a budget.

Stick to a budget that will help you to thrive financially. Create an emergency fund that is strictly for unexpected occurrences (travelling for a funeral, broken water heater, etc.). You get to decide what your budget is so if you’d prefer to cook more food at home so that you can enjoy a monthly pedicure, that’s totally fine. Just make sure that you have different line items for the goals you have. If you want to pay off specific debts within a certain amount of time, make sure you set up a plan to make that happen.

  1. Develop another income stream.

If you’re currently making $100 a day, find ways to make an extra $25 each day. Though it might not seem like much at first, it can make an impact when you’re looking to save up for a house. Whether you take a night job, start a small business or babysit, there are plenty of ways to increase your income to create more financial margin for yourself.

  1. Renegotiate your bills.

Consider your current bills. If you’ve been loyal to your cell phone company for years, use that loyalty to your advantage by asking for specific features in your package. It’s also good to ask for a discount. The same can be applied to your insurance and cable services. If you don’t ask, there’s no way to make it happen. You need to advocate for your financial future.

  1. Create a reward system.

If you’re constantly working hard without a reward, it’s easy to burn yourself out naturally. Find ways to enjoy your life while you’re working on your financial goals. Plan ahead and schedule your vacation plans so that you can save money, enjoy a sabbatical and recharge. If you’ve been halting the fast food orders to save money, take your family out for a pizza dinner one night. If you feel like there is an incentive to keep going, you’re more likely to pursue your long-term dreams and financial goals.

Remember that the time will pass anyway. Before you know it, 2020 will be here. That’s why it’s best to start now and work diligently toward your financial goal. Make each day count, and your bank account will reflect your efforts.