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James Dondero Plays a Critical Role in Changing the Community of Dallas Area through Charitable Activities

James Dondero is a person who we may conclude that he possesses two talents: One for business and the other one for philanthropic activities. You will find many successful business experts trying to spend most of their time, energy, and resources thinking of how the society will change them by attracting the customers so that they can get much profit. The Highland Capital Management Co-founder believes the other way. To participate in many charitable activities with the aim of changing the society and not the society changing the company. That is what he has done in Dallas area in conjunction with a significant number of non-profit organizations in the area.

Highland Capital Management has never forced itself to be a charitable organization but started these activities in its foundation. Giving is a culture in this company, and all the trends indicate that this culture is not changing soon. The company has made significant impacts in the society both in large scale and in strategic fronts by ensuring that the Dallas area has been changed to the fullest. Highlands Capital Management operates around the world but has chosen to concentrate on its generous offers to the local community rather than moving to other countries where the beneficiaries have not played such a critical role in the development of the company.

Here are some of the charitable activities where the impact of Mr. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have been seen playing critical roles and providing sufficient funds to see changes in the community.

The Family Place

The Family Place is one of the largest organizations in the State of Texas that assist families experiencing domestic problems and other violence-related issues. However, the organization needs sufficient funds from donors and well-wishers in the community. However, the company experiences significant shortages such that it goes on to fundraising drives. As a Charitable organization, the company went ahead to give a matching grant of $1 million challenge. This challenge helped the company to reach a significant fundraising goal before the planned schedule.

Hippo Habitat at the Dallas Zoo

The latest contribution has seen the company offer sufficient funds to the Dallas Zoo. Although the company has been a longtime supporter of the Dallas Zoo, this time they decided to provide a generous contribution of more than $1 million. This was not only the amount contributed to the conservation as many other gifts certainly had a significant change in the progress of the Zoo. The contribution of Mr. James will go further and but a state of the art Hippo outpost and a Highland Hippo Hut that will, of course, be there on a permanent basis.

SMU Tower Scholar Program

There are many exceptional students out there who lack the necessary funds to pursue their career and educational goals due to low-income family backgrounds. Highland Capital has made significant impacts in ensuring that it supports the programs that are geared towards providing that such students continue with their education. The company contributed $ 2 million in gifts to the Southern Methodist University to specifically help exceptional students who cannot pay for their education. Such students have the opportunities to pursue their education abroad while at the same time being exposed to policy-making and access to global leaders.

Education is Freedom

James Dondero has also played a critical role in assisting Education is Freedom, an organization that helps at-risk youthful individuals who want to pursue a college degree. Education is freedom has been known to offer some of the critical mentor-ship skills such as standardized test preparation while at the same time ensuring that such individuals access internships to some of the Dallas’ prominent organizations.