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Pocket Applications For Wander Lust Inclined Student

If the travel bug has hit you this year and you feel the need to explore the unexplored, you are in luck, the world is your oyster and modern technology is on your side. O whether you are planning a trip to the middle of the ocean on some deserted island with no Wi-Fi connection or you are travelling to the hub of China, these application are absolutely necessary despite the need or lack of Wi-Fi. Here are the best applications to take on your travels with you despite what you may believe and they are instantly accessible, fast to download and if you can’t stand adding more apps to your phone, most of them are HTML5 friendly just like  .

Google Maps

Whether you are taking an Uber, tram or walking, Google has your back and guides your journey. Google Maps is the ideal application for you if you are journeying through unfamiliar territory and need confirmation your driver is taking you along the correct route. Safety, surety and promptness is why people download Google Maps.


If you cannot speak the language, let your phone speak for you. iTranslate does as the name suggests and that is translate over several languages into your home language. It uses your microphone so that when you type in a question or ask a question, your smart device translates it into yourlanguage of preference to play back to the person you are communicating with.


As the name suggests, you can use Roadtrippers to plan out your next road trip and book into hotels or any accommodation necessary along the way. Feel more secure, organized and enjoy a planned out road trip with your besties while having a handle on where you stop and stay.

Packing Pro

Need a little help packing the necessities for your next trip? Packing Pro is your best friend during this time. The application has been developed to show you what you need to pack based on the duration of your trip. When you place your destination into the search, the length of your stay and when you arrive, the app will calculate what you need to pack based on these factors.


Find the best prices, rates, dates and times for your next vacation with this user-friendly application designed and built for mass use. Check in online or through the application to cut queues and discover a new world of boarding planes in your area.

Thanks to modern technology and innovative developers, there are a number of applications which can be used to your advantage as a young traveller. What you need to focus on the most is arriving safely to your destination and if you don’t know how to get there, make sure you use one of the above mentioned applications to get you there. This is the trip of a lifetime and you don’t want to miss out on a second of it, so make sure you don’t and get ahead of your travels before your departure!