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Stop! Money-Saving Things To Do Before Buying New Tech

When your piece of tech stops working, it can often leave people feeling the pinch. After all, it might cost you a small fortune if you need a new computer or tablet. And you might not have the budget to be able to fork out for the item. But before you do go to the store, here are a few top money-saving things to do before buying new tech.

Check it’s not fixable

A lot of people think that their piece of tech is dead. And then they start looking online for new items. But just because the item isn’t working, it doesn’t mean it’s reached the end of its life. In fact, there might be a simple fix which costs a lot less than having to head to the store for a new item. Therefore, first things first, go on the company’s site and take a look at the help and advice. They are bound to have a troubleshooting section which will have the answers to common queries. And you might find the answer you need to get your tech up and running again. Also, you need to check whether the item is still under guarantee. After all, you could send it to them and will receive a new item if they deem it unfixable. Or they might fix it and get it back to you as good as new!


Sell your old tech

When an item stops working, it leaves you with little cash when buying the new piece of tech. After all, it’s not like you can sell the old item if it’s not working properly. However, this is actually not the case. There are a lot of sites out there who will give you money for your item, whether it’s working or broken. And that money can help you to buy a new piece of tech, so you don’t end up in a ton of debt. For example, you could try to sell your mac if it’s stopped working. You just fill in your details and then send the device to them. They will then pay you an amount once they have received the item. Or you might consider selling it yourself. You could either put it on a local selling page on social media or even go down the auction route online. Someone might be prepared to buy the old item if they know a way to fix it easily.

Look at less well-known brands

A lot of people head for the most common brands like Apple when they go to stores. After all, they know that they can expect a reliable device if they buy from one of these popular brands. But if you want to make sure you don’t run into debt, you need to look at less well-known brands too. Of course, you still want a good quality item which will work in the long-run. Therefore, always check online for reviews before buying the tech. But often you will get an item which is just as good as the most common brands. Therefore, make sure you look at all your options before you make a purchase.


And remember to look online. You might find an item for half the price on online stores rather than heading to your local tech store!