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Taking a step up the property ladder? Here’s some tips on how to save money

Moving home is an exciting, yet stressful endeavour; especially when you are planning to buy in the more renowned, expensive areas of the country.

Before you get excited about new décor or a renovation, buying a house is more then just a deposit and a mortgage. The key to watching your finances is to be clued up on house buying and to use the tools available so you understand where your money will go. Here are a few tips on where you can save the pennies…


Mortgage calculator

Your mortgage is most likely the biggest expenditure you’ll make, so getting the repayments right for you is imperative. Using a mortgage deposit calculator will help you distinguish how much you’ll be paying.

Real Estate agent

Using a professional local estate agent will mean you can cut out some of the stress and rest assured that the process is dealt with smoothly and cost effectively.

Local real estate agents can also help save costs with their list of recommended professionals. Whether you need a solicitor, property surveyor or mortgage consultant, using a reputable professional means you’ll be paying for the best service, money well spent.This is even more important when it comes to purchasing in expensive areas, as competition will be high. Your estate agent will have knowledge of house prices and market trends, ultimately helping you make the right decision and get the best financial outcome.

For example; the sought after areas of East Sheen, and Richmond, London, are perfect examples of where your estate agent can benefit your property buying. Property estate agents Featherstone Leigh specialise in many locations, but in particular, the upmarket property areas of South West London.


Additional outlays

House surveys

Starting at around £400 you will receive a traffic light report highlighting any issues found in the property. Although this may seem like a big expenditure in the long run this will undoubtedly prevent you from spending more if you discover property horrors!

Stamp duty

Every residential sale over £125,000 comes with a stamp duty fee. The amount you’ll pay could be sizeable the more expensive your new home is. To help you evaluate how much you’ll pay you can use the Stamp duty calculator.

Buying a home is already daunting, but purchasing a more expensive property may seem like an impossible task. Following this guide and seeking help from the right professionals will help you on your way to spending your money wisely, after all making mistakes may cost you.