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The Money Up: How To Make More

There are all kinds of guids on the internet regarding the best ways you can use your money. Some are good, others aren’t, yet they all seem to be focused on particular niches. This article gives a broader sweep of some of the better ways to make or save money that are out there, things you can actually try to apply to your everyday life to give you the boost you need either in the future or right now. There are many wise things you can do with your money in this world. But whatever you choose, make sure you research each one. Never go in blind on any kind of advice you hear. Put the work in and read up on the opportunity before you take it up. This can manage your expectations and ensure you see what you are truly in for. Otherwise, you can either lose money or make far less money than another venture open to you. Try some of these out as you like, just look into each one first.


Card Point Management

Cards in which you accrue loyalty points can be quite lucrative if you manage them properly. Store cards, especially those regarding supermarkets can be tricky because if you get sucked into making points you can end up spending more. You’ll get various coupons of the buy this for 300 points variety. But when you work it out, the product will outweigh the points accrued. Only use the card on things you know you will use. When you start buying other things you don’t normally use then you will become the loser on the bargain. You’ll notice the coupons aren’t often for things you buy, it is because they want you to buy more. So manage it with care and don’t get sucked in. You need to be savvy too. Keep an eye on the things you accrue and use them. For example, air miles don’t necessarily need to be spent on flights. You can turn them into gift cards which can save you spending money where you wouldn’t need to. You can find out more at You may as well apply these points in a way that is pertinent to you. Don’t feel forced into using them in the conventional way where as there are always others. Be aware, and don’t get sucked into unnecessarily spending more to get less back.

Use Certificates Of Deposit

If you have a decent amount of savings which you are keeping for something in particular down the line then don’t let it stagnate in your account making minimal deposit. Instead, use a certificate of deposit. These are bank accounts in which you put money in for long periods of time where you aren’t allowed to withdraw it at all. If you do, you lose all extras. The benefit of doing this comes with way higher interest that any normal bank account which is of course great. The reason you should do this is first because it doesn’t cost anything, and secondly if the cash is just sat there you may as well put it into a better account. Check the duration of the CDC and then check the others in the area. Compare the banks and get the best offer you can. Don’t feel obliged to go with the bank you are with. Instead, investigate the others to ensure you get the best interest rate possible. Read the small print and take the right advice. Don’t put too much in which will make life hard for you. You don’t want to   have to withdraw any and hurt your interest rates.

Don’t Get Ripped Off With Utilities

You should never get ripped off with your utilities. If you have never switched, then you are in line for an immediate saving which you will notice monthly, or quarterly. Getting more for your money where gas and electric is concerned means you can keep warm for less. Being savvy here allows you to keep your monthly outgoings down. Your payment for the internet is the same. Challenge your provider and get the best deal you possibly can. Sometimes they offer yearly contracts. The deal for the initial year will be amazing, but afterwards it will rise astronomically. Be aware and swap around year on year, this way you can keep your costs down especially if you buy bundles that include cable TV, internet and phone. You can see some of the internet deals compared at Make sure you compare everything like this because it will always save you money. Your subscriptions are the same too. Are they increasing the prices? Are there similar services out there for less?

Push For A Pay Rise

If you feel you aren’t getting enough at work then push for  pay rise. Be careful though, assess the business you work for and look at how well they are doing. Don’t ask for one during a really tough low period or you’ll look foolish. Instead wait for a time where they are doing well or middling. You know your own worth and if you haven’t been offered a pay rise then challenge them. There is no harm in it if you do it with class and tact. Remember, you aren’t necessarily asking for a promotion here, just a pay rise. Ask for a meeting with your supervisor and outline your argument. They may not give you an answer there and then, but they will start to think about it and get back to you. If you are good then they won’t want you jumping ship and going with someone else. In the meeting highlight the work you do and why you think you deserve a payrise. Back whatever you say up with evidence and hold your ground. You’ll be surprised by what you achieve. Don’t tell your friends at work about it though. Keep it between you and your supervisor otherwise they will all be doing the same thing, making your chances slimmer.