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The Risks Of International Trade From Truck To Market

How do you become the next H&M, Apple or Starbucks?

It’s ultimately the question that many new entrepreneurs face when they want to satisfy their ambition. Making it big onto the market – and therefore going global – is tricky. The challenges you’ll have to confront are multiple, from understanding how to best organize truck shipping to sorting out your approach with a brand new audience. But ultimately, there are two essential elements that are likely to cause you issues, namely everything that relates to trucks and market expansion. Indeed, it’s a long road to international success that begins with physically bringing your products into a new region and understanding how to best implement your brand abroad.

Don’t make overseas customers wait for your deliveries

The international customer is a different customer

The first and most important piece of information you need to understand is that no customer is the same. Your international customers who live in a different culture and country from where you’re used to trading don’t match one-to-one the profile of your existing, local customers. Every global brand has had to learn from experience. C&A, the Dutch clothing retailer, has removed its shops from Britain after it struggled to appeal to the British sense of fashion. The lesson here is evident: You need to research your new market – consumers spending habits and preferences differ from a market to another.

Looking out for the best shipping solution

How do you best ship your products to a new market? You can begin to explore neighbor market, using a truck to tackle your shipping needs. While it might be tempting to add truck delivery to your list of local services, you need to be cautious about the risks of overworked drivers and high mileage – accidents are a regular occurrence for inexperienced delivery services, For overseas shipments, your company need to plan for a combination of plane, ships and trucks, depending on the goods. The best strategy is to work closely with trusted courier and shipping experts to keep your goods and brand safe.

New market, new partner, and more room for conflicts

Should you find a partner abroad? The idea is appealing, especially if you’re looking to approach a new market. However, as explained here,, partnering with a foreign business requires a lot of preparation and communication. You need to understand not only how you can mutually help each other, but also how to best exchange information – whether it’s confidential, commercial, or casual. Indeed, developing a safe and structured platform of exchange for documents, ideas and finances can save you a lot of troubles in the long term.

Can you provide the same services to your overseas customers?

Finally, you need to be ready to hit the new market running. Indeed, when a brand first reaches a new audience, you want to make a positive impression. La Redoute, for instance, failed to convince new customers when it first expanded out of the F-BE-NL area. The deliveries were long and unpredictable. The customer services lack a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. And the satisfaction and trust levels were low!

How do you best organize your international deliveries and customer services? With great care and solid research. Indeed, moving toward a global market requires high-quality management of your truck and other shipping solutions as well as a solid understanding of your audience expectations.