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Wondering What to get your Loved Ones for Christmas? Here are Some Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, if you haven’t yet finished all of your Christmas shopping you may (rightfully) be feeling a little worried. There’s no need to procrastinate and find yourself walking around the mall like a zombie on Christmas Eve, so check out the below tips for some great advice on how you can ensure everyone you love gets a well-thought-out and personalised gift this Christmas.

A simple gift

For your kids:

Your kids probably have a list a mile long for Santa. Your best bet is to check out the Christmas Toy Price Monitor so you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal when it’s time to buy up big. This monitor allows you to compare prices at major stores, so you can make a list of what you need to buy, and head to each store for the necessary gifts- saving money you can spend elsewhere.

For your parents:

Parents can be tricky to buy for. The biggest tip? Don’t get them something they can use around the house. By buying our mums a household appliance we’re telling them that even though we’re grown we still see them a certain way, and there’s nothing worse than being told you belong in the kitchen- especially when you’ve just spent all day cooking Christmas lunch.

This is when it’s time to get personal. Hopefully you’ve spoken to your parents throughout the year, and you may have heard them mention things they would like. If not, ask your father what your mother has been wanting and vice versa.


Your siblings:

As we grow older, we often don’t get to spend as much time with our siblings as we would like. Life gets in the way, and before we know it the only time we see each other is for special occasions. The answer? Choose a gift which will allow you to have some quality time together throughout the year.

Maybe your sister has been dying for a spa day, or your brother loves golf. Whatever it is, buy a voucher or commit to taking them out for a day so you can have some one-on-one time. This is a great way to ensure that you’ll both have something to look forward to over the new year.

If you really want to be the favourite family member, consider purchasing them a month or two of classes for a hobby they’ve been wanting to try. Maybe they’ve always wanted to take up martial arts, learn the guitar or improve their Spanish but they haven’t enrolled because they haven’t had time or they’re feeling a little unconfident. For bonus points, sign yourself up to the same class and you’ll be able to offer support, learn a new skill, and spend some time each week with your sibling.

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