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5 Must-Have Features For a Real Estate App

Real estate app development market is thriving. People are used to change places to live, rent, buy or sell properties, pursuing their dreams, career. As everyone is becoming more and more mobile, it’s not a surprise that real estate apps are so popular nowadays. Such behemoths as Airbnb and Booking offer users a wide range of features and an enormous list of listings making them the best online platforms for home search. Following the success of the mentioned housing renting companies, many entrepreneurs invest in real estate app development. If you would like to create a real estate mobile app, you need to understand that this is a challenging venture, but if it turns out well, you can make good money.

So what are the key features that every real estate app has? While their functionality can vary from app to app, the following list presents the must-have features:

  • Database
  • Onboarding
  • Sign in and user profile creation
  • Search & filtering
  • Push notifications

Database. So the first component no real estate app can go without is a database that will contain as many listings as you can find. In order to make your app successful you need to provide users with many options that will suit different categories of renters and buyers. The more relevant listings you have on your app the better for your business. While finding data about available units and homes might be challenging, in fact, it’s easier than it seems. You can get in touch with your local real estate associations and listing services that can provide you with the necessary list of addresses and their descriptions.

Onboarding. This is an important feature for every app. By adding it during real estate app development you offer your first time users a simple guide of how to use your app and tell what features it possesses. This feature’s implementation is almost effortless but the benefit it will bring in the longtime perspective is worth dozens of advanced features.

Sign in and user profile creation. To increase user engagement with your app you should allow users to create their own accounts within your app to be able post their listings, search for a new home or save favorite items for later. You can implement sign in with the well-known services such as Google and Facebook or you can create your own sign in. However please note that pushy sign in that forces users to enter their email and other personal data in order to have an opportunity to use an app, might scare them away. At first show what benefits your app has and only after that offer users to sign up for better user experience.

Search & filtering. As we’re talking about a rent estate app here, these two features are a must. To let users get the most relevant results via your app you have to add a convenient search feature with lost of filters. Allow users to filter your listings by location, price, lot size, nearby facilities (in-building laundry, parking lot, gym or pool), monthly mortgage, year built, etc.

Push notifications. Let your users know about updates and special offers by integrating push notifications into your app.