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Easy garage space-saving ideas

The days when your garage was just there to park your car are now gone. It would be a waste of productive and storage space if you were to neglect your garage and only use for its original use. Your garage is a workshop, a home gym, a toyshop and a warehouse – all at the same time! These top tips will help you and your garage work smarter, to allow you to do anything you want in there, whilst parking your car!

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Garage cabinets

Keep organised with a storage cabinet in your garage, they clear up space and prevents things from lying around on the floor or on the worktop. Not only is it good for keeping things tidy, but it is also handy in improving safety in your garage as it keeps dangerous and harmful materials and substances locked away.

Ceiling storage

Install ceiling mounted racks or lay boards down across the ceiling beams – whichever you choose will be extremely useful. With this storage option, it allows you to put less frequently used items such as camping equipment away and out of sight. It’s great for boxes, luggage and will double your storage potential.

Wall organisers

Garages have plenty of wall space which are forgotten about by plenty of homeowners, but it’s something that shouldn’t be neglected. Install wall organiser units for smaller tools, whilst hanging large items such as shovels, wheelbarrows and bikes on hooks. Also, invest in wall bins for items such as small garden equipment, sporting equipment and children’s toys.

If you’re looking for more inspiration when it comes to wall organisation, you can see further ideas in this article here.

Go mobile with work areas

Your garage may be used by you and the family for crafts or the odd piece of DIY work. If so, get rid of the big bulky workbench, and save yourself some space by opting for a workshop table which can be folded up at any time. Or another option is to build yourself one with wheels.

Transform as many stationary items as you can by putting wheels on them – any item from floor cabinets to tool chests and work benches. By having items on wheels, it allows you to create temporary work spaces or if needs be, take your work outside.

Tie and keep wires in one place

If you have a bunch of wires running in and around your garage, make sure you keep them tidy, because if there are a lot of wires scattered around everywhere, it can add to the cluttered look. By tying wires and extension chords together using zip-ties, it instantly makes your garage that little bit more organised and tidy.