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How to Liven Up a Dreary Property Ready for Sale

Transforming a house from worn to wonderful is something that you truly enjoy doing. Livening up all of the different rooms in order to boost its value can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. Whether you’re sprucing up an inherited property or you’re hoping to revamp your own home to put it on the market, you can approach this project from a variety of different angles. You might be hoping to let your creative flair loose and redesign an entire home with furniture, new paint and a stunning garden. Perhaps you are wanted to delve deeper into the practical features of the home and make it a safer and more energy efficient place to live. Whatever your goal is, you can provide your house with the makeover it needs to sell well on the property market right now. Take some or all of these handy ideas and you will have a spectacular property to be proud of.

Focus on Furniture

When you sell a property that is fully furnished you are inevitably going to make more money from it. It might be slightly harder to sell a property in this way, but it will be made easier if you invest in high quality, luxury furniture. You can persuade the buyers that it is an offer they can’t refuse by purchasing an exquisite dining table and chairs, a comfortable sofa and a set of timeless bedroom furniture. Try to choose classic pieces that will never go out of style; anything too outlandish might not be pleasing to prospective buyers.

Garden Glory

Every home buyer deserves to have a well-maintained garden and outdoor space. If you don’t pay a little care and attention to the backyard you will have fewer people who are interested in investing in the property. Everybody desires some sort of outdoor space when they buy a home no matter what age they are. If you can tidy up the garden, plant some pretty flowers and present it in a beautiful way, the value of the home will go up straight away.

Wonder Walls

A cheap and cheerful way to make a huge difference to a dull and dreary home is to give the walls a little touch up of paint. Depending on the current state of the property, you might find it is necessary to do this for every single room in the house. Look online and find out the latest colour trends for this year. Remember, if you are hoping to sell the property quickly, you should definitely consider choosing neutral and muted tones so that the prospective buyers can see it as a blank canvas, rather than a completely stylised product.

Safety Savvy

When you are hoping to sell a house you have to focus on the practical features as well as the aesthetics. The potential buyers will want to know that they are investing in a safe and secure home from the very beginning. Make sure you have had the home thoroughly investigated for any damp and mould; similarly, you should also have certain safety measures in place such fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and security alarms. If you are able to show everybody these important features, you will have a higher chance of selling the property quickly and efficiently.

Door Duties

Windows and doors are surprisingly a huge selling point for a house, so take a look at the current property and what you have to work with. Styling up the front door and replacing cracked windows will help to transform the house from a dated and dull property to a sparkling and shining palace that will catch the eye of every potential buyer. Brand new doors and windows will enhance the safety features of the house too, so you will find that the investment is all worth it in the end. Not only will the aesthetics of the home be updated, but you will also be improving the overall safety features of the property.

Fix the Flooring

The flooring in a house can be a huge selling point or it could be a deal breaker. If you are trying to sell a home full of tattered carpets and chipped wooden floors you are going to struggle to get a good price for the property. Update the flooring and you will notice a huge difference in the overall ambiance of the house.

So get your property ready to put on the market by tweaking and improving an array of different elements. Whether you’re investing in new furniture or checking the safety features of the house you will get a good price as long as everything is in tip top condition.