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Best things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination and can be visited any time of the year. From beautiful beaches, good food and ancient architecture you’ll find something for everyone on a Cyprus holiday. You can get a true Cyprus Experience with First Choice holidays. If you are planning a holiday there anytime soon then I’ve rounded up some favourite things to do there.

Go diving

Cyprus offers crystal clear waters making it a great destination to go diving in. It’s no problem if you haven’t tried it before as there are plenty of PADI or BSAC courses available. You can give a go at night diving too for something a little different.

Best things to do in Cyprus

Enjoy a beautiful Meze plate

Cyprus cuisine is a blend of colourful dishes from Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. The meze plate is an array of 24 seasonal dishes in traditional style that can be enjoyed over a period of time. So sit down in good company and enjoy all the local favourites.

Explore the local villages

Move away from the towns and explore the smaller more peaceful villages in Cyprus which have stayed relatively unchanged over the years. Here you will get to see what local village life is like and the beautiful calm slow pace at which everyone goes about their day.

Explore the beaches

Cyprus has a range of different beaches that suit everyone’s tastes. Some have sand, some have shingle, some have watersports and others are for pure relaxation. Some of the best beaches to visit are Pissouri  Bay, Nissi Beach, Fig Tree Bay and Coral Bay.

Renting a Private Villa

Cyprus might be small in size, but the island offers everything. Renting a villa has always been a good idea: have a private barbecue party near the pool, stay together with your friends, have stunning landscape views. Keep these in mind for when you can venture out of town. Get private villas on


Discover untouched Cyprus in Akamas

The untouched Akamas peninsula is the perfect escape to get away from the touristy spots of Cyprus. Here you can see how Cyprus was before its touristy development and you will be surrounded with an abundance of natural beauty. Lara bay is definitely worth checking out down there too and you may even get a glimpse of green turtles laying their eggs.

Visit ancient Kourion

This is considered one of Cyprus most important ancient sites which is located on the Southern shores of the island. It is the home to many ancient roman ruins, and in fact has the most extensive Greco-Roman ruins in the world. Here you will discover impressive structures, beautiful mosaics, ancient public baths and of course a very impressive Greco-Roman theatre.