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Do you just take your hand luggage? Learn how to pack efficiently

You’ve booked your plane tickets and you’re already figuring out how to go barefoot on the beach … but in case you don’t plan to leave just with the clothes on you, you have to pack your bags. Whether you are going on a short vacation, a business trip or just want to reduce your expenses by giving up the big luggage, hand luggage is a great way to travel efficiently. While some of these tips on how to pack efficiently may seem logical, we may all forget  them in the rush to catch the flight.

Take a deep breath, look at the empty suitcase in front of you, and pack your bags like a champion!

Get ready in advance – good security goes through the danger of evil

Preparation is the first step. Each is organized in its own way, but writing a list is the simplest method. Making a list will help you visually imagine what you’re going to pack – as a rule, write briefly and accurately. If you are not sure that you have included everything you need, there are applications that can help you, generating a list based on your destination, how many days you will be gone and the types of activities you will do. Once you’ve made the list, you’re on vacation!

Take only the essentials with you

And we reached an essential point: is everything necessary to put in your luggage? Here’s how to pack the minimum of things to make the most of them: take a day outfit (other than the one you wear), something warm and a more stylish outfit to go out on the town. Jogging pants? Do you think you’re gonna work out? – you’re just on vacation!

Whether or not to take your spare shoes on, it is up to you, because for some people an extra pair is not necessary and for others it can be very useful: a pair for the day and one for the night is a good compromise, as long as stiletto shoes, with a 12 cm heel, do not occupy all the space in the luggage.

As for beauty products, give your skin and hair a breather and go for a more natural look. If you need more than 100 ml as much as the allowable limit allows, take the things you cannot give up and buy the rest when you arrive at the destination or ask at the hotel if they are part of the toiletries offered.

What not to take with you

No sharp objects in the plane. You’ve heard this a thousand times, so don’t pack the nail scissors or nail clippers that you’ll only use once. Try to avoid traveling with fresh products from animals, such as meat and cheese, which may be confiscated at your destination. What can you get in your hand luggage? If in doubt, check the page of the airline with which you will fly or the airport of destination, so that you do not take with you products that risk being confiscated. If you want to see what kind of things people are trying to get through the checkpoint, check out TSA’s official Instagram page.

Keep important things at hand

The most obvious things you should not forget are your passport or identity card for travel in the EU and your boarding pass. It is good to have an additional identification document, if you do not want to walk with your passport through the city on vacation. Make a few copies of these documents in case you lose them, this will save you from many problems.

You should also, always keep your mobile at the ready. Not only can it help you locate places thanks to the GPS feature, but it’s also a really good travel companion. Your device can offer you many features like watching movies on Netflix while on the go, listening to music and even gaming is an option. There’s an entire universe of games available online, from playing classic games in a UK online casino, to the most complicated games developers are coming up with. Regardless of the activity, your device is another important thing to keep at hand.

There is a suitcase for each one

Your hand luggage will follow you anywhere, so choose comfort in favor of a suitcase on wheels (but be careful to fit in the maximum dimensions allowed for luggage by the airline). A classic and versatile model can be useful for relaxing vacations and business trips – a true 2 in 1 offer.

Even so, the ideal baggage to mix among the locals is the backpack. Throw your backpack on your shoulder and start exploring immediately, with your hands free as you travel. And better, opt for a hybrid wheeled backpack.

Respect the permissible weight limit

Unless you want to carry stones in your hand luggage, you should have no problem meeting weight limits. Fortunately, some airlines do not have weight restrictions, as long as the bag can be lifted and placed in the compartment above the seats.

Other airlines, such as Delta, have weight limits on hand luggage up to 10 kg (depending on the destination), which must be respected to avoid paying extra. Check in advance, because each airline has its own rules.

The art of packing

You can buy the best travel bags and write the most beautiful list, but if you just throw things in the bag at random, you’ll end up jumping on the bag, trying to close it. Master the art of packing and avoid the torment. Space saving techniques include running shaorma clothes instead of putting them in piles. You can use the rolling technique to fill the spaces between shoes or things at the end.

Another technique is to put the rolled clothes in sealable plastic bags and press them hard enough to remove the air, vacuum packing the clothes. The best trick to effectively packing your luggage is to wear the thickest and heavy clothes and accessories when you travel, even if you look like a Yeti. 

The order in which you pack also matters. It uses flat, rectangular things to fill the gaps at the base of the luggage and places heavier things, such as shoes and toiletries (other than liquid ones, that should be easily accessible for the checkpoint), at the bottom or on the outside pockets of the luggage.

Don’t forget to leave room for the souvenirs and gifts you will buy during your vacation. You are encouraged to shop duty free at the airport – nets with duty free products are not considered extra luggage.