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Great ways to stay connected when travelling

Going on holiday used to be about escaping the daily routine of home life to explore fantastic new countries. However, with the advent of the internet, things have become a little more complicated. Now there is a greater need than ever to stay connected with your friends and families via your mobile devices so that you can keep them updated on your holiday exploits. However, there can be costs and limitations on using devices abroad. So here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to stay connected whilst on holiday.


Data roaming

One of the biggest shocks to tourists upon returning home can be to receive an unexpectedly high mobile telephone bill despite having made few or no calls. This can often be the result of the user having his or her phone set to allow data roaming which means that your device will still actively seek any available mobile data signal regardless of the user intention. To avoid this, ensure that when you arrive you have your mobile preferences set so that data roaming is turned off to avoid accidentally connecting to any 3G or 4G sources. And be sure to check with your mobile provider as to what their overseas tariffs are. Some providers such as Three offer special free-of-charge overseas rates for certain countries, but it’s always best to check to make sure.



One of the most common questions that many tourists will find themselves saying when arriving at a hotel will be: “Is there Wi-Fi here?” This is because being able to connect via a Wi-Fi network in a hotel, bar or airport is the quickest and cheapest way to use data on your device. Wi-Fi availability can vary dramatically with each country, but thankfully many hotels will offer free Wi-Fi that’ll mean that you can show off your holiday photographs or even play a few relaxing games of roulette in your hotel room without the fear of receiving a large bill upon arriving home. With sites like Lady Luck’s offering a variety of addictive games, you can make sure that you are guaranteed to be able to game on the go wherever you are!


Sim cards

Thanks to the ever-decreasing cost of mobile phone technology, another option is to simply purchase a new sim card for your device upon arrival in your destination. This means that you’ll easily be able to access data on-the-go courtesy of your new payment plan. Furthermore, if you fall in love with your holiday location, you can simply use your sim card when you return for that next luxurious vacation!