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The influence of philanthropy on the most pressing health issues today

Philanthropy helps us tackle some of the most pressing health issues in our society through funding better education and medical treatments. Successful people and businesses often find it important to give back to those around them and make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy. Those same people and companies are sometimes compelled to act upon issues of concern in the areas they are from, or if a relative or loved one has experienced the health issue. Here are a few philanthropists and organizations that are making a difference in health issues that they are passionate about.


Jennifer Douglas

Douglas is heavily involved in fighting the AIDS epidemic in her native Nigeria. Jennifer Douglas was called to the bar recently, to serve the law. No doubt she will use her legal expertise to help further the fight against the effects of this emotionally and physically devastating disease. Her work with the Gede Organization has helped many people by offering clinical services in areas that did not have them before, as well as mental counseling to help patients and their families deal with the stigma and other emotional effects that can occur in those suffering from the condition. Victims can experience shame so great that they feel alone and helpless. Educational initiatives are helping Nigerians understand how the disease is spread and what they can do to reduce the rate of infections, such as seeking treatment sooner rather than later.

Todd Marshal Price

As an expert physician on infectious diseases, Price saw a lot problems that he believed could be solved through a variety of approaches. He founded the organization known as International Medical Outreach. The organization gives out more than $60 million in grants each year, money used to fight a variety of infectious diseases throughout the world. Todd’s organization has placed special emphasis on fighting outbreaks of parasites. Although parasites affect people of all walks of life all over the world, it is a hidden condition that can cause a great deal of medical problems, or death, though through education, many are easily treated or prevented.


Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

As a leading producer of healthcare products, Bristol-Myers Squibb has seen a lot of success over the years. They give back more than $28 million a year towards the fight against cancer, hepatitis, and AIDS. The foundation makes it easy for organizations and innovators to apply for grants to best prevent and treat these epidemic diseases. Specifically, they are trying to eradicate cancer in Europe, AIDs in Africa, and hepatitis in Asia.

Funding innovation and education

All too often, lack of education and funding holds innovators back from being able to find better treatments and cures for the diseases that are endemic in many areas. Medical research can be extremely expensive. Philanthropy helps bridge the gap in healthcare budgets, so that positive changes can occur. It also allows organizations to help disadvantaged areas get modern healthcare and education so that they can lead happier and more productive lives.