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Living in the Countryside: Financial Pros and Cons to Consider

We all sometimes dream of moving to the country, because of the unique set of amazing benefits that it offers. 

Pros of Living in the Country

Living in the country allows us to be closer to nature and live among God’s creatures. After a short time living this type of lifestyle, people often feel that living any other way is simply not natural.

And there are great benefits to living closer to trees and animals: it boosts your immune system and gives you a sense of wellbeing.

You can also more easily engage in outdoor activities. Imagine going camping in your own backyard or fishing in your lake. Even if you have to drive a few miles to take in these activities, having quick access to them provides you with great opportunities to participate with some of the most wonderful activities.

You can grow your own food on your own land or buy food directly from the farmer who grew it; this includes dairy products, fruits and vegetables and meats. They are fresher and likely healthier too.

Speaking of healthier, one of the best reasons to live in the country is the fresh air. It is there in abundance every day of the week and it is free no matter how much you use.

Everything from buying a house or renting a place, purchasing food, and even taxes are generally less in the country.

Drawbacks to Living in the Country

Less Bank Branches Available

The country is notorious for having few bank branches and those that are there do not provide a full range of banking services. So if you are someone who needs to frequent your local bank for business or personal reasons, you might have to take a long drive before you can find a branch that can assist you. Of course, one way around this is to bank with an institution that has a full online banking service which allows you to access loans and mortgages. There are some banks that make it easy for you to perform any banking activity you need directly from your computer, tablet and even mobile phone.  This way you can handle all of your banking needs while you are gardening, in the barn, or out on the lake.

Limited Access to Critical Services

Living in the country means that you will be farther away from hospitals and clinics. If you have any health issues, the type of doctor you need to see might not reside or have an office in the vicinity. This could be a real problem. It might cost you more if you have to get a doctor to come to you.

Also, police and fire departments are much smaller and less capable in the country. Although it is true that the crime and fires are fewer, if something does happen the area might not be equipped to deal with it.

Things Close Early

You will have to plan out your shopping and entertainment because things close earlier in the country.  If you have to get something to eat late, or want to go to a bar you might have to drive long distances.

You Might Have To Buy a Generator

The country can be notorious for power outages. If you work at home you might have to invest in a generator so you do not lose power at a critical time.

If you choose to move to the country, expect to fall in love with the new lifestyle and forget about the downsides.